Through the Wire

It was a dark and quite stormy night and there lived a Dog, a Cat and some eyeballs in a jar. In the haunted house lives a Dog, and next to that Dog is an eyeball. The Dog has the house to itself … and lives off the eyeballs. The Dog has no friends, and for some reason has a pet Cat. That Cat is a robber. She steals hamsters to be her lunch. She communicates with the Dog, and whatever the Dog says, the Cat will do.

The Cat never fails at her robberies, but this time it was different. There was a candy store. The Dog wanted to try something new, and it was candy.

“Have fun stealing candy,” said the Dog.

“OK,” exclaimed the Cat.

This candy store is called Candy Candy and More Candy. The store was just closed and there was one employee still in there, about to lock the store up. The Cat had no clue because he was in the “employees only” section. The Cat snuck in without the employee noticing.

“Wow, that’s a lot of candy” said the Cat.

The Cat took a few Jolly Ranchers, but then she heard someone or something whistling. The Cat hid behind a box of candy. She then looked and IT WAS A ZOMBIE.

“Ahh,” screamed the Cat.

The zombie looked over and saw the Cat.

“Come here kitty kitty kitty,” said the zombie.

The Cat gulped and tried to run away, but she was so slow that the zombie scooped her up and started petting her.

“This is nice,” the Cat thought to herself.

After about 15-20 minutes, the Dog started wondering where the Cat was. But the Dog never found her, and she and her “owner” had a great rest of their lives.

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