The Pond

I had begged and begged her, but she wouldn’t listen. I still feel like it was my fault. I could have held onto her. I should have held onto her. But no, I just stood there and watched her disappear.

Earlier …

Everyone at Montclaire Elementary School was bursting with excitement. All of the kids had heard rumors about the new pond at Grant Park. The kids were told that if you went to the pond on Halloween night, there would be a lady dressed as a witch, handing out king-size candy bars.

“Nev, I don’t know if we should go there,” I murmur.

“But Katherine,” whines Nev, “king-size candy bars!” 

All day long I beg her not to go, but she ignores me. I guess we’re going to the pond tonight. 

When it comes time to trick-or-treat, I start to feel nervous. As we walk to Grant Park, my stomach starts to hurt. Why did I come with? Why couldn’t I convince Nev to stop? Oh, I know I will regret this.

When we get there, I know I have made a mistake. We walk to the pond. There she is. The lady dressed as a witch.

“Hello, children,” says the lady. “Have you come to trick-or-treat?”

“Yes,” Nev replies.

“Well, I choose trick!” shouts the lady. Nev is pulled into the pond.

“No!” I scream, but Nev is already gone. I start to run. I don’t stop running until I get home. I go to my room and cry.

The next morning, I check the pond. Nev isn’t there. I sit down by the pond and cry. I know I have to get to school, but I need one more second to take this all in. This is a game. And last night was my first time being tricked in the game we call trick-or-treating.

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