Other Voices: Provide storage space for Friends of Library

Have you ever borrowed a best-seller from the library? Taken a child to story hour at the library? Sat in the chairs to browse a magazine at the library? The services you enjoy have been given to the Los Altos Library by the volunteer group Friends of the Library of Los Altos, and this support may be coming to an end.

The volunteer group collects, sorts, stores and sells books to raise money to augment the library’s programs and services. The organization finances most of the children’s programs, including story hour. It purchases the best-seller books for us to borrow. It purchases new furniture when it is needed. It operates the cafe in the lobby. It has donated on average $170,000 with no strings attached over the last two years to the library.

Letters to the Editor - Week of June 5

GreenTown condemns use of gas leaf blowers

In response to Cheryl Klynn’s May 15 letter in the Town Crier (“Leaf-blower protester: Stop anonymous letters”), we thank you for ensuring that your gardener is operating an electric leaf blower.

GreenTown Los Altos is working on a public education campaign to remind residents that there is a ban on gas leaf blowers in Los Altos, and we will proudly put our name on any fliers we produce.

Other Voices: A public works report card

Los Altos has changed very little in 34 years, so one would not expect our governmental departments to have grown much. In 1985, the Engineering Department had five employees; today it has 12.

Salaries for each position have a range, depending on years employed. The collective annual total for the mid-range salaries is approximately $1.35 million. With an estimated override of 18% for benefits, the total cost to the city becomes $1.6 million. If the current staff were cut to six, the savings would be approximately $800,000 per year. We are being asked to approve a parcel tax to raise $1.1 million each year for the Clean Water and Sustainable Storm Drainage Initiative, with no identification of any flood damage having occurred.

Other Voices: Should 'unwise' traditions be allowed to continue?

Following is an open letter to the Mountain View Los Altos Union School District Board of Trustees.


Letters to the Editor: Stormwater fees, idling, massage column and more

General fund should pay for stormwater work

The Los Altos City Council will be asking residents to approve a special fee to fund maintenance of the stormwater system. Certainly we need to maintain our stormwater systems – no one would dispute that. However, I’m puzzled by the funding discussion.

Most cities fund maintenance projects out of general fund dollars. Our city staff indicates that Los Altos “lack(s) allocated funding for maintaining storm drain infrastructure.” I find that puzzling.

Letters to the Editor - Week of May 29

Let LASD, BCS students be part of solution

The unsolved problem between Bullis Charter School and the Los Altos School District has not yet asked for a significant contribution from the population that is in and out of the doors of its schools daily.

We only have two years to fix this problem.

A mother's birthright


Tiptoeing into our hotel room just past 1 a.m., with her Bette Davis hazel eyes sparkling brightly, my daughter Jenni instantly became confused when I had an explosive “mommy moment.”

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