A Piece of My Mind: Silver linings – and storm clouds

I read the disheartening news articles at the end of May about the George Floyd protests gone awry. I read about looters standing with crowbars at the ready as peaceful protesters marched down the streets of San Francisco and Oakland. They were waiting for the right moment to turn and smash a window for plunder. I read about rubber bullets and tear gas and arson and professional criminals driving up in vans to strip computer shops and appliance stores of their goods.

Letters to the Editor: Volcanoes and fireworks

For real fireworks, visit a volcano

I heard fireworks going off every night for at least two months up to the Fourth of July. While I like fireworks for a very special occasion, it is mainly to watch their colorful displays in the sky. On the other hand, I’m willing to bet that the fireworks I have heard are mostly just firecrackers thrown on the ground, such as M-80s, which are about the largest commercially available, and only in a few places. I don’t understand the attraction to setting off such fireworks. As a child, it seemed kinda macho to me, but now it just seems silly.

Letters to the editor: BCS, speeding, council coverage

BCS can’t pick & choose charter laws to follow

In the Town Crier article “BCS gets over $2M PPP loan” (June 24), Bullis Charter School board chairman Francis La Poll justifies taking federal Paycheck Protection Program funds by saying that “BCS receives significantly less funding per student in state and local tax revenue compared to LASD schools.”

Other Voices: Group, media mislead on preference for reach codes

Our local journalists failed to fact-check data, resulting in publishing misleading information about an important topic – reach codes. The Los Altos Town Crier and Daily Post relied solely on information promoted by Los Altos Residents (LAR), an organization that claims to represent the voice of the people but is anything but.

From the Mayor's Desk: Show that you care – wear a face mask

Face masks block droplets that are emitted when you talk, sneeze and cough. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, these droplets are the main way that COVID-19 is transmitted from person to person. So face masks are very important to protect other people from any germs you may have. And they reduce the spread of the virus from people who have COVID-19 but don’t realize it because they have no symptoms.

Other Voices: Racism in our neighborhood

Recently, a woman who happens to live at the end of my block in Los Altos made a horrific request on Nextdoor. The post was addressed to an African-American friend of mine. The author states that according to the census, there were “150 black people in Los Altos.” She then continues: “But (e)very white person I know says I have never see (sic) anyone black in Los Altos.” She then makes a request of my friend to bring her “whole family, mixed or whatever, to make being black in downtown Los Altos normal.” Apparently, the woman thought this was an “awesome” idea: have the Black family wander the streets downtown, so people can gawk.

Letters to the editor: Social distancing, street closures

Teens not practicing social distancing

While walking by Lincoln Park in the late afternoon recently, I noticed a group of approximately 20 teens who gathered in the park. They were sitting in a tight circle with no masks and not keeping the necessary social distance, with nice bikes thrown in disarray all over the ground and the sidewalk.

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