A Piece of My Mind: Things have changed

Things change. Get over it.

Other Voices: Understanding police behavior

When I was 30, I was invited on a ride-along by a San Francisco police officer who was a boyhood friend. Chris was part of something called the “S-Squad,” newly formed to “saturate” with police presence the highest crime areas in the city. Unmarked cars, each with two officers in plain clothes, randomly cruised the three neighborhoods with no instructions, except to look for something suspicious and exercise their own judgment.

Letters to the Editor: Biking after dark, importance of library

Watch out when riding after dark

As darkness falls, more and more cyclists in Los Altos are riding without lights of any sort. Dressed in dark clothing, they are like shadows passing in the night.

Other Voices: Let’s make a difference – here’s how

It seems incredible how the COVID pandemic has changed the way people go about their daily routine. Our lives have all been turned upside down. Many people have lost jobs, while the lucky ones work from home and manage to juggle professional responsibilities and family, monitoring children attending virtual classes.

From the Mayor’s Desk: Sharing the good housing news

How about some good news? I am happy to report that at our Oct. 27 Los Altos City Council meeting, the council unanimously voted to move forward with a memorandum of understanding with Santa Clara County to build 90 units of all-affordable rental housing at 330 Distel Drive, near the El Camino Real corridor. The council agreed that 5% of these units would be reserved for extremely low-income households, 50% for very-low-income households and 45% for low-income households.

Other Voices: Thank you, Mountain View, for approving Measure C

Thank you to the Mountain View community for passing Measure C, and to the Town Crier for more balanced reporting than that of our own city’s newspaper. Mountain View has been extraordinarily generous with a growing situation, but there are limits.

Letters to the Editor: State housing laws, resilient church

State housing laws supersede city zoning

Los Altans are dismayed by the decision that Senate Bill 35 supersedes local zoning. SB 35 is one of many bills taking zoning decisions away from towns/cities and greatly increasing population density.

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