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The Villaj Idiut: Terrifying pragmatism

I was planning on writing a humor column this month, but it seems like anathema to the mood of the country right now to be cracking jokes.


I’ll disclose this straightaway: I voted for Hillary Clinton. Not necessarily because I liked her, but more because, after evaluating both candidates, I thought she was more qualified to run a country than Donald Trump.

Letters to the Editor

Electoral College is ‘undemocratic system’

Kurt Ayers’ letter misses the point (“Electoral College proposal reveals biases,” Jan. 18). The Electoral College vote represents the states’ votes.

By eliminating this antiquated, undemocratic system and substituting one person, one vote, the vote will represent the person who cast the vote.

Letter to the Editor

Public property should not be up for grabs

As a longtime resident of Los Altos, I would like to respond to the proposal by a local developer for a big new construction project on First Street.

Other Voices: The death of a village

I’ve lived in the South Bay my entire 79 years. I’ve watched the valley be destroyed by “progress.”

Yes, I’m a traditionalist. I moved to Los Altos 40 years ago because it was one of the last bastions of sensible development. But it appears, in recent years, that this is changing.

Other Voices: A history of horses

Los Altos Hills is unique in its commitment to supporting equestrian activities.

The town boasts several larger equestrian facilities, including Westwind Community Barn, which is owned by the town and offers community lessons, boarding, trails and training. There’s also Fremont Hills Stables, Maple Leaf Farm and Rancho de las Reinas, where Kristen Zuraek offers western riding lessons.

A Piece of My Mind: To green or not to green?

After four years of drought, our lawn was a patchy mélange of sparse grass, tough weeds, exposed tree roots and bare dirt. We have a corner lot, and even with the rose garden, clothesline and veggie garden along one side, the lawn area still wraps around three sides of our house – a lot of space to replant or reimagine.

In recent months, I had comforted myself that our yard was not yet the ugliest and most neglected-looking on the street, but it was sinking quickly into contention for that title as one-by-one the other practitioners of benign neglect were relandscaping.

Roman holiday: No Shoes, Please

I was in Rome at Christmastime, which included a Wednesday morning during which Pope Francis held his weekly papal audience. Normally, he would be addressing the faithful in St. Peter’s Square, but during the winter months, he conducts himself on stage in a large Vatican auditorium.

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