Editorial: Put a time limit on this council

Congratulations are in order for Jan Pepper, now beginning her second one-year stint as Los Altos mayor. Pepper previously served as mayor in 2015.

She will now preside over a city council that is well intentioned but could stand to improve its efficiency. Meetings have been dragging on and on. We have a suggestion.

Letters to the Editor, Los Altos City Council, dangers of 5G

LA council throwing citizens under the bus

The title of a Nov. 27 letter to the editor – “Los Altos City Council supports citizens” – is misleading at best.

Burning through $100,000 of our tax dollars (with no end in sight) and allowing Shaw Consulting to claim we need “3,000 square feet or larger with at least 20 feet separation from dais to speaker podium” for council meetings (without a shred of supporting data) is more like throwing citizens under a bus.

Letters to the Editor: permit fees, city council

Permit fees hinder downtown businesses

We are always listening to or reading about how to improve downtown vibrancy. There is much talk about parking or lack thereof, how to attract shoppers and diners, but there is one thing the discussions lack – how to keep businesses here.

Downtown small business owners face challenges such as rising rents, competing with online sales, declining foot traffic and lack of staff.

Letters to the Editor, code red on pensions, energy code

Los Altos ranks ‘code red’ on pensions

The State Auditor’s office recently released the results of a study ranking the fiscal health of 471 cities in California, with the results conveniently accessible in a new website: auditor.ca.gov/bsa/cities_risk_index. We should thank State Auditor Elaine Howle for making these data available.

Letters to the Editor, journalistic standards

Addressing community, journalistic standards

We are writing to state our disappointment with the Town Crier’s choice to publish in the Nov. 13 print edition a number of vitriolic, anonymous comments from its online edition, which baselessly criticizes us individually, the Los Altos School District Board of Trustees and the hundreds of people who went to the workshop to support the district. We don’t believe this meets our community or journalistic standards. 

In online comments, commenters often post loosely, and sometimes even use the anonymity of such forums to launch personal attacks – benefiting from lack of editorial oversight or factual verification by professional journalists. To republish and promote such attacks is irresponsible.

From the Mayor's Desk: 2019 accomplishments


I want to say thank you for the honor and privilege of serving as mayor of Los Altos this past year.

Other Voices: Engagement process stacked against charter school

As parents who care deeply about our local public schools, we entrusted the Los Altos School District to run a fair and representative community engagement process around facilities. We were told that the process would help result in solutions to address the long-term facilities needs for all district students, including finding a permanent site for Bullis Charter School. We attended info sessions, participated in charrettes, listened to others, shared our opinions and participated in workshops. As we near the end of the process, we are becoming increasingly concerned that its flawed design works against true community engagement.

This process of voting on proposals was stacked against the charter school. Bullis Charter School may be the largest public school within the district, and the only school with a fully integrated K-8 teaching model, but together we make up only 20% of the district public school population. Bullis Charter School parents, by percentage, were quite engaged at the workshops and charrettes. No matter how many showed up, we were always going to be outnumbered.

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