Election 2018 – Paid Political Endorsement Letters: Week of Oct. 24

Fung: Honest, dedicated, qualified

I am writing to support the re-election of Dr. Peter C. Fung, chairman of the El Camino Healthcare District, the only incumbent on the Nov. 6 ballot.

I have known Dr. Fung since his election in November 2014. Dr. Fung’s experience as chairman makes his re-election mandatory.

Editorial: Fung, Kasperzak for hospital district board

El Camino Hospital and its El Camino Healthcare District remain unique among local medical institutions. Unlike Stanford, Kaiser or Palo Alto Medical Foundation, we, the public, get to vote on district leadership. Two seats on the five-seat district board of directors await your decision in the Nov. 6 general election.

You have your choice among four candidates. We believe Mike Kasperzak and incumbent board member Dr. Peter Fung are the most qualified.

Election 2018: Paid Political Endorsement Letters - Week of Oct. 17

Bremeau: Dedication to community

Dear fellow Los Altans,

Over the last few years we’ve been impressed with Nancy Bremeau’s dedication to our community.

Letters to the Editor: Week of Oct. 24

Measure C grants residents stewardship

On Oct. 9, the Los Altos City Council passed a city ordinance (to temporarily preserve parks and open space) that fails to preserve the Hillview soccer and baseball fields, children’s park, apricot orchards, Neutra House, Bus Barn Theater, History House, and more. The ordinance also leaves public and institutional land, including downtown’s parking plazas, at risk of disposition without resident input.

I am concerned that our historical apricot orchards could be compromised or removed as part of future Hillview/Civic Center development. This must be prevented at all costs. Why haven’t the historical orchard plaques been installed? This “oversight” makes me wonder.

Letters to the Editor: Week of Oct. 17

Measure C would enhance what makes LA great

Los Altos has a bit of “country” living – no sidewalks or streetlights installed by the city. I have always loved that I can see the Milky Way on evening walks in the summer.

The amazing growth in Silicon Valley threatens to overwhelm the charm of Los Altos, and many residents sense that if they don’t do something, our hometown will be swept into the jaws of overdevelopment. Mountain View and Palo Alto “made a deal with the devil” in allowing unfettered commercial development and now are being Manhattanized with little that residents can control.

No Shoes, Please: Turbulent times

Fighting for control of American jurisprudence has been a blood sport in our country for a while now, so anyone might have assumed that Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court would be fraught with emotion and partisanship on both sides. But if you listened to Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony at the confirmation hearings, watched Kavanaugh’s rebuttal to her claims and then saw the Senate Judiciary Committee respond to both, you would have witnessed something new: the acute pain of an entire nation infused throughout a super-charged, high-stakes, winner-take-all moment of lasting historical and cultural importance.

Acrimony, bitterness, victimhood – we’ve all seen that playbook before. This time, however, it felt different to me, as if polarization in our country had reached its zenith. I don’t mean in a “fever broke” sort of way, I mean that we arrived at the summit only to find ourselves at the base of a taller, more arduous peak. In other words, turbulent times ahead.

Other Voices: The double-talk ordinances

In July, the Los Altos City Council passed two ordinances that will affect the look of our town more than anything we have ever seen or imagined. Over time, they will transform the city. They permit two houses to be built on each lot, one of them a rental as close as 5 feet to the rear fence.

Candidates for city council should state whether they support the ordinances or, if elected, will rescind them. Here’s what has happened.

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