The Villaj Idiut: Trash compact

I feel like somebody convened the Grand Meeting of the Great Parking Space Debate, and somehow my invitation got lost in the mail.

Otherwise, I’m sure I’d have a full understanding of why every parking space in the state of California was designed to fit one half of a Smart Car – and I’m not even sure which half.

A Piece of My Mind: Brand-new car, same old brain

My trusty, ecologically correct little Prius began showing signs of early Auto-Alz- heimer’s a few months ago. Despite my husband’s urgings, I put off getting a new car. Sure, the Prius was 17 years old, but it only had 116,000 miles on it, and at the rate I was accumulating miles (less than 1,000 miles a year), I had hoped it would be the last car I would own.

But our trusted mechanic, the same one who told my husband that his 14-year-old Camry was good for at least another 100,000 miles, held out no hope. Those warning lights weren’t a fluke, the super mega battery that powered my car was beginning to fail, the power steering was liable to go out if I drove at freeway speed, and I should get rid of the car while it was still drivable at all. He obligingly cleared the warning lights one last time, and we trundled down to the car dealer.

Letters to the Editor - Week of Jan. 23

Progressive agenda causes friction

Regarding Paul Boetius’ “Other Voices” column on accessory dwelling units (“City’s accessory dwelling unit claims contradict facts,” Jan. 9), I would like our city council members to individually respond to the charges made by Mr. Boetius as to the veracity of his statements and why, if he is correct, Los Altos is making code and ordinance changes that were falsely presented to the citizens as factual – changes that most people don’t either know about or want.

It seems to me there is friction between some of the city management staff and our city council members, whereby the city employees either have their own agenda to change our character, don’t understand our city, don’t understand the law or just plain don’t like the fact that housing prices may not allow them to live here. I don’t know where their loyalty lies, but it would be wise if our city council objectively looked at the people in key positions and figure out what is going on.

Letters to the Editor Week of Jan. 30

Blach student says bike lanes needed

I sat through the Dec. 11 Los Altos City Council meeting, where I listened to a debate on adding bike lanes in front of Blach Intermediate and Bullis Charter schools on Covington Road.

Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to add my opinion at the meeting. My observation was that the people who talked at this session could have used a current Blach student’s perspective.

Other Voices: Let's have an honest conversation around LASD facilities

Los Altos School District trustees held a public forum Jan. 16 for local residents to voice their opinions about the ongoing facilities issues and Bullis Charter School’s Proposition 39-mandated facilities request.

The meeting was respectful and factual, and I’m optimistic that this will be a turning point in the ongoing conversation around facilities in the Los Altos School District. We’ve heard from the community a desire to know more about Bullis Charter School’s goals and intentions, so I’ve outlined some of my thoughts here. I am expressing my personal opinion and not speaking for the entire Bullis Charter School Board of Directors, but I hope this helps.

Editorial: Hold the line on charter enrollment

The Los Altos School District needs to come up with a proposal by Friday on how to accommodate Bullis Charter School and its 190-student increase from 915 to 1,105 students for the 2019-2020 school year.

The increase means the school district may no longer be able to fit all charter school students on the Blach Intermediate and Egan Junior High school campuses. It means the district will likely offer part of an additional elementary school site.

No Shoes, Please: Deceiving looks

During a bank transaction the other day, the teller asked me, “Are you Chinese?” I replied, “No, but everyone thinks I am; I get that question all the time.” She immediately responded, “That’s because your skin is not too white.” She paused a beat before adding, “Sorry to say.”

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