A Piece of My Mind: Congratulations, Los Altos! More than 80 percent of you voted. Now what?

At a recent meeting, Kim Cranston of Los Altos Forward shared some numbers from the recent election. Per his research, 82.9 percent of registered voters in Los Altos participated in the election, a higher percentage than in Mountain View, Campbell, Sunnyvale or San Mateo. (Direct comparisons were only possible in cities where there were city-specific measures on the ballot.) Fantastic!

Per Cranston’s research, Los Altos has a track record of high voter participation. In the November 2016 election, the town hit 90 percent participation, and in the previous midterm election in 2014 managed 64.5 percent, outranking its neighboring communities’ participation rates in both years.

Letters to the Editor - Week of Jan. 2

Comments deemed ‘demeaning’

In my long career in human resources management, I observed that successful companies had many common core values. One of these was how employees and managers should communicate with each other.

The phrase “praise in public, admonish in private” describes one of these values.

Editorial: Moving on from chairman's DUI

Alex Samek had barely latched onto his new role as chairman of the Los Altos Planning Commission when he was arrested for a DUI Nov. 30 after being spotted asleep on Highway 101 in his self-driving Tesla. The story played big on nightly newscasts and even made headlines nationwide.

Understandably, Samek has laid low following what must be an embarrassing incident for him. But hopefully sooner rather than later, he faces the music. He can start by apologizing to city council members, who appointed him, and his fellow commissioners for putting them in a difficult position. He clearly made a mistake, one that could have been deadly. We hope he has learned a painful lesson about drinking and driving, and he is very lucky the result wasn’t tragic.

Letter to the Editor - Week of Dec. 26

Mordo’s service benefited LA Library

Jean Mordo has served as a council member for Los Altos and Los Altos Hills during the last 15 years. His service has been characterized by energy, intellect and a desire to continually move forward. His knowledge of public financing and how local governments operate have made his contributions both effective and reality based.

In particular, I want to recognize Jean’s work on behalf of the Los Altos Library and libraries in general. He has served both of our cities as representative to the Santa Clara County Joint Powers Authority (JPA) that administers the county library system. He also has represented each of the cities on the North County Library Authority (NCLA), a body that supports our Los Altos Library. As a member of the JPA, he was instrumental in having over $2 million left to the Los Altos Library by the Virginia Whipple and the Corinne Oberlin estates moved to local control from the county library district. Jean has been a strong advocate for Los Altos and the Hills on the JPA.

Editorial: Let's stay positive for now

Being a city council member isn’t for the timid. Departing Los Altos Councilman Jean Mordo put it best a few weeks back as he left the dais: You’re a hero or a wretch, depending on how you vote on a particular issue.

Newly elected councilwomen Anita Enander and Neysa Fligor will find out soon. Newly appointed Mayor Lynette Lee Eng is well aware, having served nearly two years. But, as mayor, she will be under increased scrutiny as the face of Los Altos in the eyes of the media and surrounding communities. She will need to exercise decorum and diplomacy in her new role.

No Shoes, Please: Santa Claus comes to town

When my daughter was in nursery school, I attended meetings with other moms who, like me, were active participants in the co-op school environment. I don’t remember how the topic came up, but during one group discussion, we shared stories of family holiday traditions.

One mother who had three young sons excitedly relayed the lengths to which she and her husband went to convince her boys that Santa had indeed visited their home on Christmas Eve. They provided the usual clues, of course. A plate of cookies, freshly baked, and a glass of milk left on the mantel, which by morning became crumbs strewn about the dish and a bare puddle of milk left in the glass. But that was only the beginning. The father got up in the middle of the night and made gentle noises on the roof to suggest the arrival of animals pulling a sled. (I can’t remember whether or not he actually climbed on the roof to do it, but I don’t think he went that far.) The mother sprinkled soot around the fireplace and Christmas tree as evidence of Santa’s journey down their chimney. Someone embedded at least one hoof print in the yard to mark where a reindeer must have trod.

Letters to the Editor - Week of Dec. 19

Poor lighting poses public-safety danger

In October, I took a walk in the early evening in our neighborhood. As I ventured through the darkened streets onto Parma Avenue, my right foot landed in a pothole (or uneven pavement surface – it was too dark to see), snapped, and I landed on my left side on the street. Lying in excruciating pain on the concrete in total darkness, I prayed no car would come in my direction. Luckily, I had my phone with me and managed to call my husband.

That night, I fractured my right ankle and injured my left elbow, hip and knee. I have been homebound for the last eight weeks, unable to drive, go to work, pick up my children or do any housework, including cooking. If it were not for the incredibly supportive network of friends and family that stepped in, it is unclear how we would have managed.

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