Editorial: Thumbs up for January

In the wake of recent news to start the year – yes, we’re all thumbs.

Thumbs-up: To the 2019 Mountain View City Council, which saw three newly elected members sworn in last week, along with the appointment of a new mayor and vice mayor. As mayor, Lisa Matichak brings a level-headed approach to leadership, while newcomers Ellen Kamei, Lucas Ramirez and Alison Hicks all come highly qualified to carry on the business of this high-profile city.

Editor's Notebook: Life on Mars, Los Altos

My wife and I began the new year by binge-watching two seasons of National Geographic television’s “Mars.” Once we got past the streaming issues and some low-resolution moments, we found ourselves enjoying a pretty riveting series.

“Mars,” produced by the acclaimed filmmaker Ron Howard (who starred in “Happy Days” about 300 million years ago), suffers from kind of an identity crisis – though ambitious, it can’t make up its mind whether it wants to be a documentary or a fictional drama. It’s both, and as a result, the pacing and momentum of the series often get compromised. Nonetheless, “Mars” proves very thought-provoking as it raises good questions about the prospect of traveling to and living on the inhospitable red planet.

Editorial: Death highlights housing woes

Some might dismiss it as a Town Crier Police Blotter item, a sad but insignificant story – a young man found dead in his car Dec. 14 outside the McDonald’s restaurant on El Monte Avenue in Mountain View near the Los Altos border.

Local media covered the story and used it to highlight the systemic failure of the area’s jobs-to-housing imbalance. The high cost of living is not only making it difficult to live here, it’s also making it difficult to work here.

Haugh About That?: Asking for help

Standing in my bedroom in 1974, my mother schooled me once again with her steps for finding the perfect job. Having heard it all before, I wanted to scream. At 22 years old, I was now a college graduate and, in my snarky opinion, no longer needed her advice.

But as I pounded the streets of San Francisco’s Financial District in my long, homemade jean skirt covered in embroidered flowers and a peasant blouse that slid down my right shoulder, I began to wonder whether perhaps her words were true. High-end law firms and such had an image to protect – and looking like a bygone hippie didn’t fit the bill.

Other Voices: Bow-wow

Town Crier File Photo
A Starbucks patron hangs out in front of the downtown Los Altos coffee shop with three canines close by in this photo from 2015.

In today’s world, there is a growing amount of hand-wringing and worse regarding the widening divide between Americans. While reading horrendous headlines during my morning coffee at street-side java joints around town, I’ve noticed a positive sign among the negativity: Communication is increasing.

The interchange isn’t necessarily occurring between members of the blue team and the red team, Gen Z and the Greatest Generation, the hills and the flatlands, Main Street and State Street, but between pooches and their proud owners.

Letters to the Editor - Week of Jan. 16

Thanks to Los Altos Mayor Lynette Lee Eng and Councilwoman Anita Enander for alerting us to the loss of local control and quality of life inherent in the CASA Housing Compact (“Cities brace for proposed housing legislation,” Dec. 26).

The CASA roster comprises 53 individuals appointed by the (retiring) Metropolitan Transportation Commission director. The group is dominated by housing developers, the building industry and pro-growth advocates. Google and Facebook – two companies whose unmitigated office growth created the housing problem – are also repre- sented.

Other Voices: City's accessory dwelling unit claims contradict facts

City of Los Altos Community Development Director Jon Biggs, in his column “Nothing misleading about city’s revised ADU regulations” (“Other Voices,” Nov. 14), claims the recent ordinance changes proposed by city staff and approved by the city council were “in response to recently adopted state legislation” and “followed several public meetings held by the city council.” That is completely contrary to the facts and the city’s own records and transcripts.

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