Editorial: City-school partnership welcome

The Los Altos School District and the city of Mountain View are to be commended for cementing a partnership last week that will likely lead to establishing a 10th school site in the city’s San Antonio neighborhood.

Many hurdles lie ahead, including a potential legal fight from the preferred site’s current owners, but we appreciate two of our major local agencies coming together to address the projected growth and resulting needs of the area.

Letters to the Editor

Open space is goal for San Antonio residents

I take issue with the statement made in the Town Crier’s editorial purporting that the San Antonio petition gathered support based on the assumption of a neighborhood school (“Questions over school site purchase,” Jan. 10).

The No. 1 issue for San Antonio is adequate parkland for the residents. From the petition background letter: “A school, with its accompanying blacktop, play structures and field space that neighbors can use after school hours and its multipurpose room that can be used for scouts, clubs and other civic uses, plus an adjoining public park, would be a defining feature of our neighborhood.” Nowhere in the petition was it mentioned that the school would be for a neighborhood school.

Letters to the Editor

LASD should reconsider purchase of 10th campus

I want to thank the Town Crier for continuing to educate the community on the $150 million expenditure of Measure N bond funds.

On multiple occasions, I have proposed less-costly alternatives to what seems to be the Los Altos School District’s preferred option, which is to buy a 10th site in Mountain View’s San Antonio commercial area. The lowest-cost option, which will have positive benefits for all of the district schools, is to repurpose the existing 116-plus acres and facilities to accommodate a 10th school.

Haugh About That?: If not now


Pulling the four freshly minted cards out of my wallet in Walgreens, I found myself flummoxed. Being new to this game, I looked at the pharmacist and sheepishly asked, “Which one do you want?”

The Villaj Idiut: When the cameras leave

The smoke and embers are gone from Napa and Santa Rosa, but so too are the cameras and news reports – which means, generally speaking, that everybody not living there thinks everything is OK.

Meredith Eggers knows better. She knows the devastation firsthand. Not as well as somebody there who has lost everything, perhaps, but she has seen the effects, the lasting impact.

Editorial: Tough decision on community center

The majority of Los Altos City Councilmembers made the controversial (opponents might say foolhardy) decision last week to set the budget at $34.7 million for rebuilding Hillview Community Center.

They did so despite urgent calls not to from the city’s Financial Commission and the administrative services director in charge of the city’s finances. A consultant’s findings backed up the city’s experts.

Editorial: Questions over school site purchase

Los Altos School District officials were elated – and with good reason – after their announcement last month of a potential partnership with the city of Mountain View to purchase land in the high-density and densely populated San Antonio neighborhood for a 10th school site.

Their excitement was prompted in part by the prospect of collecting tens of millions of dollars by selling development rights on the purchased property, in addition to a financial contribution by the city for parkland at the site. The potential influx of funds could mean more of the $150 million in voter-approved Measure N money spent for upgrades at other schools.

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