A Piece of My Mind: Seller's angst

Much has been written about the difficulties of would-be home buyers in Silicon Valley. But what about the angst of sellers?

Preparing my mother’s house for sale was like getting an aging movie star ready for her close-up. It’s an older home in a perfectly splendid location – at the end of a cul-de-sac, on a low-traffic street, backed by a natural creek, with a majestic heritage oak tree sheltering a spacious patio in back and other mature oaks and pines in the front yard. The landscaping is low maintenance, and the flower beds are bursting with bulbs.

Editorial: We want to hear from you

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Here at the Town Crier, our goal for more than 70 years hasn’t changed. We want to be your source for accurate community news that helps you know what’s going on around you.

As we strive to cover more of what’s happening at our city halls and school district offices, in our classrooms and on our athletic fields, we need your help. In addition to the weekly newspaper, we are trying to get timely news out to readers via our weekly email alerts and website, along with Facebook and Twitter.

Editorial: New Los Altos law goes up in smoke

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear: We think smoking is a disgusting habit. Secondhand smoke is an irritant at best and a killer in the worst-case scenario.

But Los Altos’ recently approved smoking ban – prohibiting smoking virtually everywhere except in the privacy of one’s home – is misguided and pretty much a useless piece of legislation. While we appreciate the motivation behind it, it is a hollow law from a practical standpoint.

Letters to the Editor

Persky supporters show no sympathy for victim

Protection of women at school and in the workplace, for example, has been lacking, and the human resources “system” refers to women’s testimony as “alleged” and their problem only to be treated by “counseling” for the victims.

In their March 14 letters to the editor addressing the Judge Aaron Persky recall, Natalie Elefant and Dinesh Desai express no sympathy for the brave young woman sexually assaulted by Brock Turner. In effect, she appears to have been kidnapped in a semiconscious state to an isolated area and exposed by the dominant perpetrator to the potential of disease or pregnancy and a lifetime of emotional distress and guilt.

Letters to the Editor

Local cities can lead on gun violence

Thank you for the thoughtful column on school violence (“Dealing with the mass shooting epidemic,” Feb. 28). You rightly identify the many actions that we must take, starting – but not ending – with a ban on assault rifles.

Students from Parkland, Fla., and nationwide, including here, are leading the way with the March for Our Lives, scheduled Saturday.

No Shoes, Please: Bark de Triomphe

Everyone knows that Julia Child enjoyed a good meal. In her girlish tones and sing-song cadence, she praised well-cooked, well-served food, rejoicing as she ate. But behind the scenes, she was no lady. Child would go to any length to get that kind of meal to her table: hack through bone and gristle, decapitate a chicken, ram a blade into the head of a shellfish or, better yet, throw it straight into a pot of roiling water and boil it to death.

My dog, Eloise, feels the same way about socks. Any sock – women’s or men’s, laundered or unlaundered, multicolored or monotone. She devotes herself to the task of retrieving one, straight out of your hand if need be, but more often by dashing into an open closet door, diving into a hamper full of clothing, yanking out a single sock and then racing out of the room like a bat out of hell, seeking out the first person in the family she can find to prance around in triumph with a sock dangling out of her mouth as if it were her first kill on a hunting expedition for small prey.

Other Voices: Why I changed my mind on the Persky recall

When I first heard about the Brock Turner sentencing, like a lot of women I know, I was outraged and reacted emotionally. I had read about the case and was horrified by the crime and felt empathy for the victim. I quickly jumped on the bandwagon behind the Recall Judge Aaron Persky movement, by signing the petition and lending my endorsement. Since that time, I have spent more time thinking deeply about the situation and regret my haste in making a judgment about Persky.

A few months ago, when I started questioning my decision, I decided to research the issue more thoroughly. I read that Retired Judge LaDoris Cordell was against the recall. That gave me pause, because I know her reputation to be a fair judge and a champion of equal justice and opportunity. I spoke with many attorneys I know, including a few in my own family and some who work as prosecutors of sexual assault. I read about Persky’s career; that he spent six years prosecuting violent sexual offenders and served on the executive committee of the Support Network for Battered Women and on the Santa Clara County Network for a Hate-Free Community.

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