Editor's Notebook: Master plan not artfully coming together

I was disappointed in the Los Altos City Council’s reaction to the Public Art Master Plan put before council members last November. Other than then-Mayor Mary Prochnow, it appears that the current council doesn’t see the value of public art.

Officially, the council opted to “receive” the plan as opposed to endorsing it, despite committing $50,000 a year earlier to implement it.

Other Voices: Marketing metrics meets its match

Today’s sports world has fallen head over heels for advanced metrics and analytics as the go-to measuring mode of everything from advertising campaigns to zone defense efficiency. The advent of virtual reality, augmented reality, immersive reality, artificial intelligence and other technological wonders is forcing sports marketers to re-evaluate their sales strategies to maximize revenue.

The conundrum that continues to defy the pivot table, algorithm, code line and headset-wearing, ear-budded brainiacs is the bobblehead. How do you measure the emotional attachment to an 8-inch tall piece of polyresin?

Other Voices: Use Target site for neighborhood school


The city of Mountain View is helping the Los Altos School District secure a property in the north of El Camino Real area for a new school. Finally, the 600 students living north of El Camino but sent to three schools up to 3 miles away – Covington, Santa Rita and Almond – can have a school in their neighborhood.

Editorial: What's the plan for Halsey House?

Note: This editorial has been updated to correct factual errors.

A healthy community fosters a forward-thinking approach while recognizing and appreciating its history. Los Altos is such a community.

The Downtown Vision project that is set to wrap up this year stands to establish an exciting blueprint for a vibrant city center in the decades ahead. On the history side, Los Altos boasts a state-of-the-art museum that is the envy of surrounding communities.

No Shoes, Please: Must-see TV in 2020

Before Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump became their parties’ nominees for the presidency in 2016, I wrote a column about how delightful it would be to see a Donald Trump-Oprah Winfrey smackdown. Television personality versus television personality. Lack of government experience versus lack of government experience. Wealthy business person/celebrity versus wealthy business person/celebrity. It would have been a mano a mano contest, but with huge fault lines running along race, gender and, dare I say, character and compassion.

I wasn’t all that serious about it, but over a year later, here we are: Trump will be up for re-election in 2020, and serious people are discussing Winfrey as a viable candidate to run against him. Who’da thunk? We really have become a celebrity culture, through and through.

Letter to the Editor

Time for BCS to choose: New school or two sites

Your coverage of the Los Altos School District’s 10th site effort gives the incorrect impression that only opponents have chimed in.

At the Dec. 11 meeting at which the decision to move forward with the effort was made, a majority of those speaking voiced support.

Editorial: Little chance of cannabis tax benefit

The new state law legalizing marijuana has prompted cities like Los Altos to enact ordinances temporarily preventing commercial uses while leaders consider permanent regulations.

The Los Altos City Council’s recently approved urgency ordinance bans retail sales, but only until late November. Meanwhile, city staff have been asked to observe the impact of the law on other communities and report back. Of the options available, Los Altos could allow limited sales – one council member suggested along El Camino Real.

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