Letters to the Editor

Cyclist longs for day leaf blowers banned

I’m disappointed that the Los Altos Hills City Council decided against banning gas-powered leaf blowers, especially given the current data regarding the extreme noise levels and health risks associated with these blowers (“LAH council throttles proposed leaf-blower ban,” Jan. 31).

According to the article, the noise emitted by the “two-stroke” machines is 100,000 times louder than Los Altos Hills’ 50-decibel exterior noise-level standard. In addition, gas-powered leaf blowers are linked to cardiovascular disease and lung cancer due to their stirring up of particulate matter. Furthermore, their carbon dioxide-emitting engines contribute to climate change, which also can have serious health consequences for humans.

Editor's Notebook: The building pressure to provide affordable housing

Don’t look now, but Los Altos is feeling the heat from the state as the desperate call for more affordable housing – and more housing, period – grows louder and louder.

The city has long been established as an affluent, primarily single-family home mecca with generous 10,000-square-foot lots. It also has long since been built out.

Other Voices: The right step forward for local schools

As we ring in the new year, the Los Altos School District and the city of Mountain View are on the cusp of achieving a huge victory for local students and the fast-growing north of El Camino Real neighborhood. If successful, this bold collaboration will achieve a new school and park to serve current and future generations in our communities.

As parents and local leaders who have been involved in the community-driven process that led to this plan, we’re fully supportive because of its positive educational implications and lasting community benefits. Every child who resides in the Los Altos School District receives a world-class education. We are thrilled at the prospect of bringing an excellent school to this fast-growing neighborhood.

The Villaj Idiut: Post-it notes

There has been a lot of talk over the course of the past few months about The Washington Post, primarily because of the release of the movie “The Post,” starring Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep and directed by Steven Spielberg.

I will admit, I have a soft spot in my heart for the movie during the awards ceremonies because The Washington Post was where I started my journalism career.

A Piece of My Mind: That's entertainment:

My mother loved to entertain. By that, I don’t mean she would sit at the piano and sing torch songs or tap dance around the living room. Hers was the old-fashioned idea of entertaining, where one invited a mix of people to enjoy good food and drink in an attractive setting, and hope to generate lively conversation, a good bit of laughter and some warm memories. The mix would include some old friends who could be counted on to maintain the conversation and the party mood, and some interesting new acquaintances who might become friends (and usually did, after attending my mother’s parties).

These days, when we have friends over, it is almost always a potluck where everyone brings a platter and a bottle to share. 

Letters to the Editor

‘LASD cuts, BCS chooses’

In my house, many disputes are settled expeditiously with the practice of “You cut, I choose.” This method promotes equality through game theory and decades of practice with many of the highest stakes and crucial disputes settled across America, mostly between kids.

If the Los Altos School District was committed to finding a solution, including a permanent site for Bullis Charter School, this approach could be used to settle matters once and for all.

Letters to the Editor

Put 10th school site in Mountain View

Why should Los Altos absorb the proposed 10th school site and/or a reconfiguration of Egan Junior High, Bullis Charter School and/or Covington School?

The city of Mountain View has acted irresponsibly by building and continuing to build high-density apartment buildings with no regard for the impact on resources (automobile and pedestrian traffic, water, sewage, parking, schools, police and fire service, etc.).

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