Other Voices: The only antidote to more Parklands

We can be horrified at the Parkland massacre. We can be outraged. We can be sickened. But we can no longer honestly be surprised. Can we?

The shootings in Florida are of the same ilk as the ones in Aurora and at Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, Columbine and all the rest: a young man full of anger, heavily armed, with nothing but despair in his heart.

A Piece of My Mind: After 35 years, Title IX still making waves

I had scattered some literature about the goals of our women’s group around our meeting table. The youngest and newest member of the group picked up a card and read it aloud: “We love Title IX – Fair play on and off the court.”

She looked at me in surprise. “Are we still talking about that? Look at the coverage the women’s basketball and volleyball teams get at Stanford. Isn’t the Title IX thing a battle that has been won?”

No Shoes, Please: Thawing in winter

It was astonishing to watch a delegation of both South and North Korean athletes entering PyeongChang Olympic Stadium together for the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony. Notwithstanding worldwide concern over the possibility that President Donald Trump and Dear Leader Kim Jong Un are on the precipice of a nuclear showdown, the Korean Peninsula found a way to communicate and reunite. Amazing.

I’m a sucker for symbolic gestures, though I am aware they often ring hollow. This one, however, didn’t, at least not for me. I thought the South and North Korean athletes looked genuinely happy. Of course, mere participation in the Games is thrilling in and of itself. But as problematic as the North Korean regime has been for decades, and as juvenile and bombastic as the rhetoric between U.S. and North Korean leadership has been of late, I can’t help but think that their jubilation was sincere, and that positive seeds were sown when the host country of the Olympic Games embraced representatives of the Hermit Kingdom as part of the family, indeed, as part of the global community.

Letters to the Editor

FAA should retain BSR flight path

Hopefully you have noticed a substantial reduction in jet noise over the last week or so. Not perfect, but a lot better.

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration made a programming error that “forced” them to return to the original flight path, BIG SUR (BSR), which gave us quiet jet traffic for more than 40 years. This is the flight path our representatives, and the FAA, agreed to shift back to. Unfortunately, the FAA plans to fix the glitch and shift us back to the noisy SERFR flight path. This is scheduled for March or April.

Letters to the Editor

Bird exhibition proves a feather in museum’s cap

It’s the year of the bird, and the Los Altos History Museum timed it perfectly with the exhibition “Instinct Extinct: The Great Pacific Flyway.”

Open now, the display explores the seasonal migration of millions of birds navigating by instinct. Sadly, the birds face habitat loss, pesticides and a changing climate, and many species will become extinct.

Editor's Notebook: Dealing with the mass shooting epidemic

It was early December and we were in get-ready-for-the-holiday-season mode. We were looking at early deadlines, some much-needed vacation time and visits with family.

Other Voices: Communities can choose to end homelessness

The League of Women Voters’ Feb. 8 forum addressing the increasing numbers of RVs parked along Mountain View streets left a few things out. The biggest thing left out was homeless input. This is typical of local attitudes toward homeless issues and homeless people.

We are almost always left out. That’s one big reason why homeless services are not very effective.

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