Welcome to central planning: Other Voices

As Americans, we pride ourselves on being self-governing. So why are residents of Mountain View and Los Altos silent in face of the frantic reconstruction along El Camino Real?

El Camino is becoming an amalgam of four-story block structures shoved up against the sidewalk. Why do we tolerate the decisions, which are making driving around the valley so much worse?

Spring cleaning: Megan's Musings

We had to get out. Immediately. Through frantic hand gestures, I attempted to convey the urgency to my mother, but she was chatting away with the clerk. Anyway, it was too late, because my sister recognized the scuffed-up boots and the bead necklaces and the shiny blue prom dress that had transformed her into a mermaid a decade before; the thrift store was littered with her worldly possessions, all for sale. And we had put them there.

I am a traitor. A “recovering” hoarder myself (I hear my husband scoff as I type this), I know how novelty sunglasses and ratty concert T-shirts can bewitch through nostalgia-laced spells. I’ve experienced the sense of betrayal that accompanies the discovery of personal treasures clandestinely trashed or donated. But, truly, in this instance, I was aiding and abetting for a greater good: my mom’s sanity.

Trump vs. Oprah: No Shoes, Please

The scroll at the bottom of the screen read, “Oprah hints at 2020 presidential bid.” I later saw a snippet of a Bloomberg interview in which Winfrey was asked about her aspirations to political office in light of President Trump’s election. She stated, “I never considered the question even a possibility.”

But she went on to say, “I thought, ‘Oh, gee, I don’t have the experience, I don’t know enough.’ And now I’m thinking, ‘Oh.’” She elongated the ‘o’ sound in “oh,” as if she were in the midst of one of her famous “a-ha moments.”

Letters to the Editor

Common Core contributes to quality education

In these uncertain political times, Californians need to stand by the gains we’ve made for public education over the past several years.

Despite their repeated threats, the new federal administration will have little power to repeal Common Core, and we are more committed than ever to the standards we have worked so tirelessly to implement statewide.

Letters to the Editor

Community center needs careful planning

We think Los Altos is a phenomenal small town. We are excited to live, work and raise our families here. This is why we recommend that the Los Altos City Council get the priorities, and the execution of those priorities, right when it comes to the future of our community centers.

Following best practices, including looking at how other similar communities have designed and built their community centers, should be integral. Engaging an urban planner before an architect makes more sense than jumping into building design. Planning Grant Park, alongside Hillview, ensures that all residents will have access to social and recreational resources in Los Altos.

Los Altos should celebrate its history: Other Voices

Several weeks ago I was delighted to open the Los Altos Town Crier and see a 1915 photograph of my grandfather, Claude Cyrus Taylor, and my great-grandfather, Charles Hammill, amid their orchards on Pine Lane.

I was struck by the irony of the controversy surrounding the temporary pop-up park and my grandfather’s lasting legacy building quality homes of permanence that I still pass by every day. This was work he did as our region began to change from agricultural to residential.

Other Voices: SVCEA and greenhouse gas emissions


The Silicon Valley Clean Energy Authority (SVCEA) will switch all Los Altos customers from PG&E unless those customers actively opt out of this change.

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