You had me at 'hello': Other Voices

I was born into an analog world and destined to die in a digital universe. That’s OK with me. I love change and welcome this cutting-edge technology where information is but a click away. It’s impossible to download “life,” especially if your power cord is unplugged, but laughter is a universal connection – and sometimes you just gotta laugh!

A friend’s recent “conversation” with his teenage daughter humorously illustrates what I call “the power of the ping.” Arriving home after work, he greeted his wife and teasingly asked where their daughter was hiding. “She’s upstairs studying in her room,” his wife said.

New school: The Villaj Idiut

I don’t know what U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has in mind for making our schools great again, but I have my own very distinct idea of what she should do to make a lasting impact on America’s youth.

DeVos should make it mandatory that every school system in the country – public, private, charter – include a series of classes in their curricula on cellphone and social media use. I’m of the opinion that there is not one thing that would be more beneficial to our children right now than teaching them how to be responsible users of their mobile devices.

Protect the majority from redesign by the few: Other Voices

I met a woman at a Los Altos City Council meeting recently who was frightened. She had lived in Los Altos for four decades, and now she was afraid that a massive, five-story building would be developed on El Camino Real and would loom over her backyard.

She is right to be worried. The potential changes to the height and density of buildings in Los Altos can impact any commercial area near our homes. Right now, the battle zones are El Camino Real, downtown Los Altos and Loyola Corners. But if developers win victories there, the commercial zone near you may be next. And though the council recently imposed a temporary moratorium on building along El Camino Real, that’s the last one the city can impose there. It cannot be extended again. Solutions must be applied in the interim.

Letter to the Editor

Russia threatens U.S. democracy

The possible Russian influence in our elections and connections with the Trump team need to be addressed quickly, thoroughly and in a nonpartisan way.

The House Intelligence Committee, the Senate Intelligence Committee and the FBI are holding investigations, but the press and public must push hard for nonpartisanship and openness. This is more serious than other investigations in the past because it addresses the core principles of free and fair elections and an open democracy.

Things my mother said to me: A Piece of My Mind

“Anything worth doing is worth doing well.”

But also (of a small rip or a crooked seam on a dress): “It’ll never show on a galloping horse.”

Why DeVos is so objectionable: Other Voices

In his March 1 Town Crier column, “Clearing up misconceptions about charter schools,” John Phelps celebrated charter schools but failed to acknowledge the essence of what has made Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos such a disturbing choice. If she were merely a proponent of expanding charter school choices, as so many of former President Barack Obama’s education appointees were, the opposition to her nomination would not have been so strong.

Letters to the Editor

Adding ‘mystery lane’ would solve I-280 jams

Regarding the Town Crier article “I-280 bottleneck proves both dangerous and frustrating” (March 8):

Solution: Fix Interstate 280 by adding the “mystery lane” that disappears at Magdalena Avenue, then reappears a few hundred meters south (as a high-occupancy vehicle commuter lane). It is crazy to go from four lanes to three lanes and back to four lanes – all within approximately 700 meters – on an interstate highway! Who designed this major flaw into our city?

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