Letters to the Editor

Where’s coverage of Women’s March?

I am writing regarding the Town Crier’s Feb. 1 article, “LAH resident attends Trump inauguration.”

I find it disappointing in a community where I expect many more people marched as part of the Women’s March the following day than had any interest in the inauguration that there was no coverage of local women, men and children who devoted their time, energy and passion to the defense of democracy. For the local cities you claim to serve, 84 percent chose a candidate other than the one in office.

A vote for development: Other Voices

When I read the recent column “The death of a village” (“Other Voices,” Feb. 1), I hesitated writing a response given how emotional I believe this issue is for many longtime residents. But while the sentiment here is genuine, the recommendation is too far out of line with what I believe Los Altos needs.

For background, I grew up in the area, moving to Los Altos Hills in 1985 at the age of 10. So I have some long-term perspective on life in Los Altos, particularly from the point of view of someone who grew up here and is now trying to raise a family here.

Fake news and the slippery slope to ignorance: Editor's Notebook

Long ago, a company named Memorex boasted about the quality of its recording product by asking, “Is it live or is it Memorex?”

Fast forward to today. In this hyper-information age of the internet and social media, some of us are posing that Memorex question a different way: Is this information we’re reading real or is it fake?

Take the wheel: Haugh About That?

“To get a better understanding of your portfolio,” my financial adviser began, “I want you to write down everything you spend monthly on your current home and your cabin in Tahoe. Then, we’ll dig deeper into your personal affairs.”

“OK, so just what I spend on my houses?” I asked. “You don’t care about hair, manicures, facials and massages for now, right?”

The Villaj Idiut: Terrifying pragmatism

I was planning on writing a humor column this month, but it seems like anathema to the mood of the country right now to be cracking jokes.


I’ll disclose this straightaway: I voted for Hillary Clinton. Not necessarily because I liked her, but more because, after evaluating both candidates, I thought she was more qualified to run a country than Donald Trump.

Letters to the Editor

‘One for one’ parking is not enough

The Town Crier’s Jan. 25 editorial, “LACI plans a downtown opportunity,” endorsed the Los Altos Community Investments projects proposed for downtown.

This is an extremely bad idea. We already have an enormous problem with parking downtown and you are endorsing a project that would bring more people downtown while only providing parking spaces that replace “one for one” parking spaces that are lost.

Letters to the Editor

Electoral College is ‘undemocratic system’

Kurt Ayers’ letter misses the point (“Electoral College proposal reveals biases,” Jan. 18). The Electoral College vote represents the states’ votes.

By eliminating this antiquated, undemocratic system and substituting one person, one vote, the vote will represent the person who cast the vote.

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