Letters to the Editor

Plant-based diet key to saving planet

In his May 3 letter to the Town Crier, Jagjit Singh writes about eating a plant-based diet to save the planet (“Switch to plant-based diet to protect Earth”).

Well, he’s right!

History lesson: No Shoes, Please

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the people who are currently making history in our country without appearing to know too much about it – American history, that is. On its face, it seems pretentious and judgmental to single out people who are weak in any particular subject area, American history or otherwise. I myself know nothing about many topics, and I think that’s true for just about everyone.

On the other hand, there is something not quite right about Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’ praise of historically black colleges as “pioneers” of the school choice movement when in fact they arose in response to Jim Crow policies that had prevented African-Americans from entering public schools at all. She should have known better, and I don’t mean that in any finger-wagging context. I really do believe that she – or any education secretary, for that matter – should have a better handle on historical context to not only prevent future foot-in-mouth incidents, but to engender faith in her ability to make acute observations, sharp analyses and effective, coherent policies.

Letters to the Editor

Tom’s Depot decries ‘defamatory’ comments

As the owner of Tom’s Depot, I take issue with the article on the Loyola Corners study session with the Los Altos City Council and the Planning and Transportation Commission (“Changes at Loyola Corners scrapped,” April 26).

I was most disturbed by the reporting of Los Altos City Councilwoman Jeannie Bruins’ comments about our economic viability and other mistruths. I’m in shock that Ms. Bruins would speak publicly about something she knows nothing about, and that the Town Crier would report this without fact-checking.

Out with the brown, in with the new

A few of you in the left-turn lane at the San Antonio Road-Main Street intersection must have seen the newly installed wayfinding signs pointing to the civic center and downtown Los Altos.

As designs go, its faux-rustic look is a bit pretentious, in spirit, not unlike those tattered designer jeans that cost a small fortune. But the wording – white on a chalkboard green background – is certainly readable and a clear improvement over the old mud-brown signs with the etched street names. Under current city plans, many of these signs will eventually be replaced.

An inconvenient celebration: Haugh About That?

As I pulled letters out of the mailbox, my eyes immediately became transfixed on a large cream-colored envelope, complete with elegant calligraphy. By the weight, number of stamps and shape, I knew that something wonderful was waiting inside.

“Another wedding.” I cried out, excited. “How fun!”

Hospital board poised for the future

Let’s state the obvious: Running an $800 million hospital isn’t easy – especially an independent hospital like El Camino that has to compete with the likes of Stanford, Kaiser and Sutter for its business. That it has to compete in an increasingly difficult and complex health-care system makes the task all the more daunting.

It was in this context that the El Camino Healthcare District board last week expanded the hospital board to include two new appointed board positions. This is in addition to the three appointed seats added in 2012. This creates an 11-member hospital board, which includes the five elected district members. Concurrent with the action, the board kept the CEO as a hospital board member, but made it a nonvoting position.

Letters to the Editor

Public input vs. courageous leadership

I’ve been reminiscing about when we were interested in traffic calming, and a bunch of us citizens were invited to gather together to map out ideas for Almond Avenue.

There were several fairly large gatherings, slide shows and a big meeting at city hall, as I recall, and the hiring of a not-inexpensive consulting group.

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