Fish out of water


My favorite joke is the one about two fish swimming down a river. They pass a fisherman sitting on the riverbank who calls out to the pair, “Hey fellas, how’s the water?”

“Just fine!” they respond, and continue on their way. Moments later, however, one fish stops, confused, and turns to the other one to ask, “What’s water?”

Letters to the Editor

No workable solution in sight for LASD

In response to Mark Boennighausen’s letter to the Town Crier, I checked the numbers (“Solution near for 10th LASD site,” July 5).

The Los Altos School District has nine school sites. Two of them have carved out large, separate subsites for Bullis Charter School, so really we have 11 sites at present. The charter school enrolls 800 kids split across two sites, with negotiated growth toward 900.

Letters to the Editor

LEAD class offers ‘tremendous’ opportunity

I’ve just experienced a fabulous way to learn about the inner workings of Los Altos’ leading institutions – local government, the elementary school district, the high school district, our local community college, our local businesses, the police department and a variety of other organizations working for the social and economic good of all local residents.

I am, of course, referring to the Leadership Education and Advancement (LEAD) class offered each spring by Los Altos Community Foundation, led by Claudia Coleman. I was amazed by the opportunity to speak directly with the leaders of these organizations and to learn about the challenges they are facing and the ways that I can assist them in their missions. It’s really a tremendous opportunity to get an inside look at what’s going on and how to get involved.

Other Voices: Planning community resources


When we talk about allocating community funding for recreational facilities, we often talk about dividing up a pie. But in Los Altos and Los Altos Hills, we have a different problem. As someone noted a few weeks ago at a community meeting regarding the Hillview Community Center project, “Los Altos always seems to do things piecemeal.” Our problem is that we seem to plan separately for one piece of the funding pie at a time.

Touched by God: The Villaj Idiut

Frank Hughes/Special to the Town Crier
Father’s Day at Lake Tahoe featured this spectacular sunset. More photos can be found on the Town Crier’s Facebook page (

I have been on this Earth for nearly a half-century. I have always thought, if I died tomorrow, that I’d be OK with it, that I’d lived a full life and seen and experienced more than the average person.

And then I witnessed a sunset in Lake Tahoe on Father’s Day, and it was a reaffirmation of life. To the point that I wondered: What else could be out there that I’ve missed and didn’t know?

Haugh About That?: Setting me free

As I stood ready to say goodbye, I shuddered. We’d been through a lot: four children, celebrations, the death of loved ones and my divorce. For 35 years, my girlfriend held my hand through it all, but it was time to let her go.

In 1982, my former husband and I went on the hunt for the perfect house. It was a buyer’s market and properties sat, allowing shoppers time to make their choices. After a month of seeing everything there was to see, we decided on a ranch-style home in a quiet enclave in south Los Altos.

Letters to the Editor

Solution near for 10th LASD site

I found the June 15 “Other Voices” column odd (“It’s time to consider existing land options for 10th school”). As someone who has been intimately involved with facilities issues facing the Los Altos School District, I firmly believe if there were ever an issue that did not need more community input, it is the issue of the 10th school.

We have had multiple community forums. We have had multiple lawsuits. We have had multiple school board elections and a bond election. All of this community input has expressed a strong desire not to crowd our current facilities and not to get rid of open space that the entire community uses, whether or not their children attend Los Altos School District schools.

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