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Letters to the Editor

Credit due for Immigrant House help

Thank you so much for the article on Immigrant House (“Approval for Immigrant House relocation excites supporters,” June 12). I am writing to give credit to additional worthy persons.

Although I did arrange for a mere three of the 30 people who gathered at the site, John Miguel, president of Mountain View Firefighters Local 1965, was the star organizer. As the article reported, many volunteers from the Mountain View Fire Department helped – some after working a double shift. It was really inspiring.

Mountain View City Councilwoman Margaret Abe-Koga also spent the day at the cleanup, working side-by-side with firefighters and volunteers from the Mountain View Department of Public Works.

Michelle Le, staff photographer for the Mountain View Voice, took the great photo of police escorting Immigrant House down Castro Street Feb. 22.

As mentioned in the article, the Mountain View City Council must approve the site as a park, but I think we’re on a good course for this to happen. I look forward to working with the Los Altos Community Foundation, the Kiwanis Club of Mountain View and the community to restore and preserve Immigrant House as a piece of our history. I will keep you posted.

The Town Crier is part of my history, too. Thank you for all you do in our community. I remember my family running very successful ads in the classified section circa the 1960s: Shelled walnuts 50 cents a pound and Blenheim dried apricots $1 a pound.

Mary Kay Marinovich, founder

Friends of Immigrant House

Los Altos

Roundabouts risk ‘Babbittry’ in Los Altos

I don’t know Bob Jones, but I would like to respond with a “right on” to his letter (“Put roundabout idea into ‘lunatic basket,’” June 19). Jones makes two points that are well worth repeating.

First, he observes that the idea of a traffic roundabout at Edith Avenue and San Antonio Road should be consigned to the same “lunatic basket” as the screwball idea of putting a bus-only lane on El Camino Real.

Jones’ second point is worth repeating in its entirety and should be emblazoned on a billboard installed in the town apricot orchard at the intersection of Edith and San Antonio: “Our poor little town needs a rest from developers and the city councilmembers who are ruining our village.”

Have you ever read Sinclair Lewis’ classic satirical novel “Babbitt”? Well, “Babbittry” seems to be reigning supreme in Los Altos.

Tim Fennell

Los Altos

Dentist affirms recent health column

As a retired dentist and educator with more than 50 years of experience in the field, I was pleasantly surprised and gratified to read the Town Crier’s highly inclusive article on preventive dental care (“Preventive dental care proves key to a healthy smile,” June 19).

Many people do not understand the distinction between repairing the damage to teeth caused by disease and preventing or controlling disease. It makes no sense to repair the teeth while the disease is still active.

I often asked my patients, “If your house were on fire, who would you call first, a carpenter or the fire department?” It is obvious that first you want to put out the fire and then handle the repairs.

Dr. Ken Schweifler is right on target when he makes this distinction. For this reason, I would not do any major repairs in the mouth until my patient demonstrated the ability to keep his or her mouth healthy. In that way, the patient and I could rest assured that the restoration would last.

Most dental disease is entirely preventable. The dentist’s job is to teach the patient how to prevent the disease and maintain the teeth in a healthy state. The patient’s job is to keep his or her teeth healthy on an ongoing basis.

Once the teeth and gums are healthy, the dentist can restore the damage and both parties can be assured that the results will last.

Phillip Hordiner, D.D.S.

Los Altos

Another, better way to eliminate ticks

I enjoyed the article on Lyme disease (“Parasite packs big bite: Tick-inflicted Lyme disease can leave a lasting mark for the unlucky few,” June 26).

I have done geological studies in this area for a number of years and have been covered with hundreds of ticks. Trying to completely remove a tick with tweezers is impossible – the head will break off attached to you.

The best method, which has worked numerous times for me, is to saturate the tick with hydrogen peroxide. This will not kill the tick, but it will cause it to back out completely within a couple of minutes.

(I am not related to the subject in your article, even though we share the same last name.)

John O’Rourke

Los Altos Hills

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