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Letters to the Editor

Found perfect jacket at fashion show

Last week I attended the Los Altos History Museum’s fashion-show fundraiser, which featured 10 Los Altos clothing boutiques.

I needed a warm jacket to wear to an outdoor graduation, so I visited some shops I didn’t know existed until I went to the show.

I found the perfect warm jacket. Voilà!

Stanford Shopping Center has some things I might not find closer, but Los Altos is rich in interesting clothing and accessories.

Lucy Zemanek

Mountain View

Schoolchildren’s safety should be priority

In light of the recent pedestrian/bicyclist deaths of two students in crosswalks on their way to or from school, I am requesting that flashing crosswalk lights be considered on Berry Avenue in front of Loyola School.

We live on the Seena Avenue cul-de-sac and use the walk path leading to Loyola daily. Many children also use that path.

As one steps out of the walk path, often with cars parked on each side, one has to step out into the crosswalk to check for traffic. While there is a speed bump at that location, it does not do much to control the traffic. If there were solar crosswalk lights, as there are on Springer Road near Springer School, it could be much safer for all.

In the morning, when cars are going southwest toward Miramonte Avenue, the sun is blinding. The flashing of the lights on the road would clearly signal to drivers that someone is about to enter the crosswalk.

I understand that this is an expensive item, but the life of a child is too precious to put in jeopardy.

Please consider these lights for the safety of our children.

Marty Loughran

Los Altos

Saying goodbye to an old friend

I feel like my best friend has just moved out of state. No, I feel like my father has died for the second time.

The closure of the Safeway store on First Street has, for me, been traumatizing. Three times now my car has gone there on autopilot. Each time, I blinked and tried to tell myself, “It is over. Put the past behind you. Move on.”

My husband and I came to Los Altos Hills in l978, and Safeway soon became one of my most trustworthy friends. It reminded me of my father’s grocery store in Missouri, where comfort food was always on hand, something good was always on sale and the clerks were always friendly.

At Safeway, it was such a happy thing to bump into folks blocking the aisles with their carts while carrying on important conversations with friends who just happened to be there.

I hope the clerks are all still working, especially the young man who never gave up on trying to sell me fish. Well done, good and faithful servants.

JoAnne Morris

Los Altos Hills

Editor’s note: Safeway plans to demolish the existing 46-year-old building next month to make way for a new store at the same location, approximately twice the size of its predecessor – 45,000 square feet. Look for a new market opening as early as late spring 2014.

Los Altos in need of CERT

Imagine my surprise after reading Ellie Van Houtte’s wonderful series in the Town Crier on her Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training to discover that while Los Altos Hills residents have a CERT program, Los Altos residents don’t (“Journey through CERT,” April 17 and 24, May 1, 8 and 22).

That’s right – we live in earthquake country, and it is not a matter of if the next one strikes, but rather when, and Los Altos has no community-trained volunteers the police and fire departments can count on.

Scientists don’t talk about if a big quake will hit our area, they talk about the importance of being prepared when it hits. And earthquakes are not the only disaster our community faces.

We have threats from fires, traffic and even industrial accidents, to name a few.

Who will help our fire and police departments when they are overwhelmed? Community volunteers trained and CERT certified.

Los Altos residents must attend programs in Los Altos Hills, Mountain View, Palo Alto or through the West Valley programs, because there is no CERT training in our community.

Los Altos residents can only attend if there aren’t enough residents attending their own local programs.

Even more disturbing is that Los Altos residents who become CERT certified are not connected to our local fire and police departments to be called on when there are problems and for follow-up training and certification.

When is Los Altos going to wake up and realize that we are not prepared as a community for when disasters strike?

Our city leaders have an opportunity to change this situation by including in the budget resources already allocated to CERT and emergency preparedness.

Heidi Sloss

Los Altos

Is BCS exhibiting ‘strength of character’?

It is beyond my comprehension that there is anyone in our community who has not heard of Bullis Charter School and its “mission.”

Why then would they place a full-page ad for their school in the Town Crier (May 22, Page 13)?

Simply because they can, I guess.

With their apparently limitless financial resources – money to bring lawsuit after lawsuit down on the Los Altos School District – they continue to forge ahead.

The young mother featured in the ad states: “When my children grow up, it’s not likely that peers, loved ones or employers will judge them by how many A’s they earned or home runs they hit. They will be judged by the strength of their character, and that’s why my kids attend Bullis Charter School.”

What kind of “strength of character” is Bullis Charter School exhibiting toward our community and public school system?

Joan Mather

Los Altos

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