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Paige: The tale of a traveling book: Other Voices

This is the story of a book named Paige. Paige was conceived in February 2005 by a popular author recognized for both her storylines and the accuracy of the historical backgrounds of her books. Approximately nine months later, Paige – at 1 pound, 12 ounces and 9-1/4 inches – was born from press and binding machines along with thousands of her identical siblings, dressed in a colorful jacket, nestled in a crate with many of her “twins” and shipped to a placement agent known as Amazon. For a fee of approximately $26, Amazon placed her with a family by the name of Firstowner.

Each of the Firstowners read Paige, then discussed their reactions to her. All of the Firstowners found her entertaining and instructive. They concluded that reading Paige was such a pleasure that they could not bear to put her on the shelf. They would share their pleasure by loaning her to friends and relatives.

When Paige returned to the Firstowners for the last time, they agreed that, because of all the pleasure she had given people, they still could not stand to put her on the shelf.

So the Firstowners donated her to Friends of the Library of Los Altos and Community by taking her to the donation room at the Los Altos main library. The Friends, recognizing that Paige was still in demand, displayed her on their ongoing-sale shelves in the library.

While on those shelves, Paige caught the eye of Professor Nextowner, a creative writing teacher, as he browsed the ongoing-sale shelves in library. Professor Nextowner acquired Paige by paying $5 to the Friends at the library checkout desk. After he read the book, Professor Nextowner added Paige to his office library of books available for students to read. When Professor Nextowner retired, he donated his entire office library to the Friends, who then offered Paige to more people by placing her in their next quarterly book sale, held at Hillview Community Center. At that event, another bibliophile adopted Paige for a fee of $3.

Paige has been adopted twice more through Friends of the Library quarterly book sales and loaned to who knows how many friends. She is now a bit older and beginning to show some wrinkles, but she still has the ability to give pleasure to her readers.

Paige will be offered for adoption again for a $1 fee at the next Friends quarterly sale, where you can meet her, her twin sister Tome and approximately 30,000 of her near and distant relatives (books ranging from politics to poetry, from cookbooks to calculus, from fiction to physics and everything in between).

The presale for members of Friends of the Library is scheduled 6:30-9 p.m. May 2, and public sale days are 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. May 3 and noon to 3 p.m. May 4 at Hillview Community Center, 97 Hillview Ave.

Customers who attend May 4 can purchase specially marked grocery-sized bags for $5 and take home as many books as fit in the bag.

Proceeds enable the Los Altos Library to acquire books, media, programs, furnishings and equipment.

Judie Suelzle is a member of the Los Altos Library Commission and Friends of the Los Altos Library and Community and board member of the Los Altos Library Endowment. For more information, call 949-3491 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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