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Letters to the Editor

Bullis Charter School, have you no shame?

As a child in the early 1950s, I watched a congressional hearing on television. The witness was making unending accusations against officers of the U.S. government. The chairman had had enough. He struck his gavel, looked into the eyes of the witness and said, “Sir, have you no shame?”

That meant nothing to me then, but it means everything to me now.

Bullis Charter School, have you no shame?

You claim to be a public school, but you spend money on a mass mailer; you repeatedly sue the school district; the district gives you facilities and you repeatedly ask for more just like a spoiled child; and you claim to be a “public” school, but you charge families $5,000 per year.

Our educational community used to be very close. We are no longer. It’s very shameful.

I remember another quote I heard during a different congressional committee hearing. The chairman was attempting to determine what was behind a particular organization. The chairman struck his gavel and said, “To get to the bottom of this, we have to follow the money.”

That quote meant everything to me then, and it still means everything to me now.

Bill Bassett

Los Altos

Standing united against school closures

As our community faces the question of where to locate Bullis Charter School, we would like to remind everyone that as PTA and Los Altos Educational Foundation presidents, we stand united as one district.

We do not believe that a charter school should force the closure or relocation of any of our high-performing schools. We wholeheartedly stand united in our commitment to support equal access to quality education for all of our students.

We will continue to support the decisions that best suit the needs of the children and families in the Los Altos School District community, and we will work together to successfully manage the changes that come from negotiations, mediation or court rulings.

Kristine Bardman and Brooke Schiller, co-presidents, Los Altos Educational Foundation;

Isabel Damian, president, and Rita Estrata-Rosenfeld, vice president, Los Altos IEPTA; and PTA presidents and co-presidents of Almond, Blach, Covington, Egan, Gardner-Bullis, Loyola, Oak Avenue, Santa Rita and Springer schools

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