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Letters to the Editor

Pick up your pets’ poop from pathway, please

I am writing regarding the new path being built in Los Altos Hills.

As a frequent walker and jogger, I am excited about the path being built on Fremont Road. However, I am very disappointed with irresponsible pet owners who do not clean up after their animals.

The city is spending more than $1 million to build a nice path for pedestrians, cyclists and horses. Yet, it is already littered with dog and horse poop and the path isn’t even complete yet!

It is extremely frustrating to be walking or jogging along and have to dodge these messes. I feel that people who do not pick up after their animals are being completely inconsiderate of others.

Please be more considerate and carry bags at least when you walk your dogs.

Jennifer Granath

Los Altos Hills

VTA’s bus-only lane a ‘crazy’ idea

I see the bus-only-lane proposal for El Camino Real has raised its ugly head again. This is a horrible waste of state funds when they are needed elsewhere so badly.

Even though several cities have turned down this Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) proposal, it keeps coming back like a stopped-up toilet.

Recently I had the misfortune to have to drive from Palo Alto to Mountain View during evening commute hours and it was wall-to-wall traffic crawling at a snail’s pace. I couldn’t imagine how it would be if one of the lanes were to be used as a bus-only lane.

Where do we get such clowns who come up with these absolutely crazy ideas? They keep trying over and over to force people to use public transportation when most people don’t want to or cannot use it.

Any politician who votes yes on this idiotic proposal can kiss their political future goodbye.

Here is my suggestion for these VTA clowns: Go away and leave us alone!

Bob Jones

Los Altos

Prevent mountaintop removal mining

As a concerned citizen, I would like to bring to your attention the dangers of mountaintop removal mining and the urgent steps we need to take to protect our nation’s Appalachian Mountains and people, before it is too late.

Mountaintop removal mining not only destroys and pollutes waterways and eliminates wildlife, but it also affects families’ and communities’ access to clean water and uncontaminated air, and seriously threatens their health. There are two things our nation’s leaders must do right now.

First, the president and the Environmental Protection Agency need to follow the robust science and set a strong, binding clean-water rule that will prevent the pollution and destruction of waterways by mountaintop removal mining waste.

Second, Congress must pass the Appalachian Community Health Emergency Act, which will analyze the impacts of mountaintop removal mining on the health of people who live near it. We have an obligation to ensure that Appalachian communities are not bearing the brunt of our nation’s unsustainable energy decisions.

Ravi S. Madapati

Mountain View

Oracle staff, district should not claim victory

Regarding the recent issue and public hearing by the Mountain View Los Altos Union High School District over some parents’ concerns about certain articles in the Mountain View High student newspaper, The Oracle, I recommend that neither side claim victory and both sides take a deep breath.

The Oracle printed articles showing some male students lowering their pants to reveal their underwear, with a caption highlighting arousal. Another article overstated the protection provided by condoms against venereal diseases. There was an article stating that parents providing their children illegal drugs in their homes may be a desirable alternative.

Some parents feel that our community deserves better from the school administration for our budding journalists. The students and their supporters feel that they need to deal with the realities, and that any “censorship” is clearly illegal and wrong.

Regardless of claims to the contrary, the California courts have recognized that school administrators can prohibit newspaper content that they consider lurid, profane or unprofessional. Even so, no topic should be banned, as long as it is accurately and professionally presented.

On balance, both sides should try to be more respectful of the concerns of the others.

Ron Packard

Los Altos

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