Letters to the Editor

Proud mother appreciates coverage

Thank you for reviewing the book “52 Days: The Cancer Journal: A True Story” (“Cancer journal chronicles struggle, offers hope,” Jan. 23). The author, Jordan Lane, my son, was raised in Los Altos. It was wonderful to see his hard work complimented by you in your article. This topic is extremely near and dear to him. It was cathartic for him to write his account of his emotions and observations throughout this trying time.

As a parent, I am so proud of his accomplishment and persistence in bringing this to fruition. Thank you for your support.

Maureen Lane Los Altos

‘Opposition’ invalid without neighbors’ input

I just read the Jan. 16 Town Crier article “Effort to fix Miramonte-Covington intersection continues.” Every time I read that the council voted against a traffic light “after strong neighborhood opposition,” I feel angry and disenfranchised.

A meeting was indeed scheduled to discuss the intersection, and the information was distributed to the neighbors. We marked our calendar and made plans to attend to support a traffic light. After having lived near the intersection for nearly 20 years, a traffic light that operated a couple of hours in the mornings and a couple of hours in the afternoons would seem like heaven.

Shortly before the neighborhood meeting was to take place, we received a second notice canceling the meeting, because there had already been input opposing the light. So far as I am concerned, there was no opportunity for me to express an opinion.

Please discontinue including the misleading text about neighborhood input. It was never allowed.

Mary Anne James

Los Altos

Finding separate site might fulfill promises

I was on the Fields Committee in the late 1990s when AYSO, CYSA, Los Altos Little League and the Los Altos School District were discussing placing portables on the Egan and Blach sites while the school district refurbished each of the elementary school campuses. As I recall, the plan was that the portables would be in place approximately five years, after which the fields would be returned to each of the sites for multiuse purposes.

Here we are, some 15 years later, and the portables at Egan remain. In fact, the portables have multiplied and are now occupied by Bullis Charter School. While I am a public school supporter through and through, Bullis Charter School has become a part of this community and we have to coexist.

However, dividing Bullis Charter School between the two junior high school sites doesn’t seem to be the right answer. Neither does continuing to grow on the Egan site, usurping more and more space from that campus. Moving to Sunnyvale was nixed because it was too far away.

Other locations might be available.

I don’t know who owns the empty Old Mill/Hewlett-Packard site bordered by Central Expressway and San Antonio Road, but perhaps some arrangement could be made for that unoccupied site.

I realize that it’s not set up as a school, but wouldn’t it be a better option to remodel that site, if it would become available, and then move the ever-expanding Bullis Charter School there?

It could take a couple of years to remodel, and Bullis Charter School might consider not expanding over the interim period, but the charter school would have its own site near the rest of the Los Altos School District.

The fields could finally be returned to the open spaces they were before the portables took over.

My kids are grown and gone, but I am concerned that the schools issue is not going away anytime soon – even with the recent agreement by Bullis Charter School to divide onto both the Blach and Egan sites.

The residents who border Egan have been subjected to horrible traffic. Sharing that with Blach is only a temporary issue, as the charter school continues to expand and grow its student population.

Giving Bullis Charter School its own site – one that is not taken from another district school – seems to be the only logical answer.

Rebecca Hayman

Los Altos

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