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Letters to the Editor

Customer service tops in Los Altos

Even though I’m a resident of Mountain View, I love shopping in downtown Los Altos.

Why? Where else do you find excellent customer service?

Recently, I placed an order for a Colonial candle with the owner of Cranberry Scoop. First, she let me know she had just placed an order and would check to see if my candle could be added in this order. Wanting to ensure that the correct candle was ordered (Sparkle or Sparkling Snowflake), I received a voicemail message saying I could respond on their after-hours answering machine.

Within days, Cranberry Scoop called to say my candle was in. She also remembered I would be shipping the candle and left it in the box. This is only one example of the type of customer service one will encounter while shopping in downtown Los Altos.

Thanks to all the friendly, courteous and caring business owners. I appreciate your faithful service to our community.

Sue Seubert

Mountain View

‘Fiscal cliff’ food for thought

When there is less food on the table, everybody’s table manners change: note Greece. Currently, it’s our employee Uncle Sam who is overweight and lives beyond his means. We, as his employer, must provide the necessary medical prescriptions to correct his obesity and excessive buying habits with the credit card.

First, our companies have some $1 trillion kept overseas. They will not bring it in with a 35 percent tax. Allow them to bring in the money, tax free. But they must use 10 to 20 percent to buy U.S. bonds at 1 to 2 percent below what we sell to China. Likewise, all the federal, state and local unions must also buy bonds at the same rates. Results: $800 billion to $900 billion in private stimulus. Unlike the government stimulus, private capital would increase employment, revenues to the government and profits.

Second, Uncle Sam must be put on a diet with 10 percent fewer calories. Next, freeze expenditures over the next two to five years.

Third, Social Security adjustment must be addressed. It is necessary to have all earned income be available to the Social Security fund. Begin Social Security at age 67.

Finally, public unions must be regulated. Fifty-year-olds are obtaining increased retirement benefits with the ability to double dip. This removes food from the table.

Bon appetit.

John Nicholson, M.D.

Los Altos

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