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Lack of night games reduces school spirit

I was glad to hear that the Mountain View Los Altos Union High School District Board of Trustees approved the plan to hold the one night football game at Mountain View High School.

Throughout the past seven years of being a Mountain View High parent, I have been chagrined by the lack of night football, which reduces school spirit and a part of the overall high school experience. Games starting at 3 p.m. make it hard to bring out the enthusiasm of the student body and draw many parents.

Hopefully, three or four hours of light pollution once a year won’t be that off-putting to those neighbors who have elected to live close to a high school.

Craig Johnson

(No address given)

Endorsements diverge from residents’ views

Like Sami A. Ibrahim, whose letter was published Oct. 31 (“TC endorsements disappoint resident”), we are dismayed at the Town Crier’s endorsements, particularly on the local measures and state propositions.

While we recognize that these endorsements are the views of the paper’s management and not necessarily representative of the town’s overall sentiment, we were astonished to find that there was only one opinion we held in common, and were particularly surprised by your lack of support for education.

We can’t recall any previous election where your endorsements and our votes were so divergent.

Recently we’ve noted a number of clearly misinformed letters that are published each week, such as “freeloading” Mountain View students in Los Altos schools, without any comments that correct such obvious misconceptions.

We can only conclude that there has been a dramatic shift in the management of the paper.

Mark and Jennifer Hartney

Los Altos

Water district CEO defends flood plan

Regarding the Town Crier’s story on the modeling of future water flows for the Permanente Creek Flood Protection Project (“Engineers: Local water district projects oversized,” Oct. 31), I want to assure the community that the Santa Clara Valley Water District is using established engineering standards to design a project that will provide the best protection for the community.

Our engineers used standard hydrology procedures for analyzing and predicting potential storm flows. A third-party expert, Multech Engineering Consultants, has reviewed the district’s hydrology procedures and analysis and concluded that the district’s flow rates are valid.

In modeling future water flows, the district looks backward in time, but also forward, to provide flood protection for a future, urbanized condition. Richard Moll notes that historic flows are less than our predicted future flows. That’s because water upstream has escaped the creek banks in the past, so it has never made it to the lower stream gauges. We must take into account the fact that creek sections farther upstream may also be modified to provide flood protection there, so they will carry more water. The lower portions of a creek must be designed to account for future improvements upstream.

It would be irresponsible to ignore these standard hydrology procedures. To do so would result in an unacceptably low standard of protection for the neighborhoods at risk of flooding. FEMA, most certainly, would not revise its flood zone maps, and those who are now required to pay for flood insurance would continue to have that requirement.

With the Permanente Creek project, the water district intends to keep its commitment to provide 100-year flood protection to 2,750 homes, schools and businesses in a cost-effective manner.

Beau Goldie, CEO

Santa Clara Valley Water District

Moll responds: I think my first response is disappointment that Mr. Goldie still regards the Multech report as unquestionable validation of the district’s flow rates, despite my graphical interpretation of the Multech data that I presented at the Oct. 9 board meeting, which challenged their conclusion. No one from the district has yet contacted me to discuss this inconsistency.

Satterlee applauds new councilmembers

Congratulations to the newly elected councilmembers. May they continue to listen with open minds and treat all with respect and civility.

Los Altos was fortunate to have many qualified candidates willing to give of their time and talents. Whatever the results, I look forward to working with everyone in some shape or form in the future.

Megan Satterlee

Los Altos City Councilwoman

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