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Letters to the Editor

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In 1956, the state of California initially planned to run Interstate 280 along what is now Foothill Expressway.

E.O. Huttlinger: What’s in a name?

Those of us who knew E.O. Huttlinger are greatly amused that parents in the Huttlinger Alliance chose Hutt’s name because someone recalled that he was a champion for the schools. That is not my recollection from years of interacting with him.

Despite the fact that he probably thought me a spendthrift for voting to buy parkland and Hillview School, we had a cordial relationship.

He was an outspoken critic of expenditures he considered wasteful. He would probably be bemused that his name was taken by a group that likely supports additional school funding. My opinion is that his oversight of the schools was not to ensure that we had the best schools, but rather that taxes were kept low.

Huttlinger does deserve to be remembered for his decade-long battle with the State Department of Roads to prevent the routing of Interstate 280 along the railroad track right-of-way where Foothill Expressway now runs.

Roy Lave

Former Los Altos mayor

Candidates should review pensions issue

I was disappointed that candidates for Los Altos City Council and the Los Altos School District Board of Trustees apparently did not mention the important subject of employee benefits and unfunded liabilities. With cities across California declaring fiscal emergencies and even filing bankruptcy as a result of this problem, we need to know how we stand.

It is reasonable to assume that Los Altos must offer competitive salaries and benefits. So it is also reasonable to assume that we are at risk.


California is being ridiculed and compared with Greece and Illinois. At the local level, candidates need to review and understand this issue clearly and objectively – without the deceptively optimistic assumptions of the California Public Employees’ Retirement System. And we need a clear plan to meet these obligations.

When I asked one council candidate about this issue, the answer was “I don’t know.” Until we have a clear understanding of this issue, I’m voting for “none of the above.”

Neal Campbell

Los Altos

Water district not ‘free-spending’

Despite what the Town Crier asserts in its Sept. 26 editorial (“Measures A and B: No on both”), in my 10 years of involvement with Santa Clara Valley Water District-supported projects in both Los Altos and Los Altos Hills, I have never experienced a water district representative to be “irresponsible” or “free-spending.”

What I have experienced is a commitment on the part of the water district to deliver projects that are responsive to the communities it serves. In the case of Adobe Creek Reach 5, this meant custom-engineering a solution. It would have been cheaper for the district to have built its regular flood-control project, and the results would have met all the accepted standards. What the two cities gained instead was an enhancement to our landscape that is functional, beautiful and adds value to our community.

The water district also funded restorations currently under way in Redwood Grove and Edith Park. I, for one, would like to see more of these kinds of outcomes in more parts of our county. I would willingly continue to pay for them.

Susan Mandle

Los Altos Hills

Thanks for a Groovin’ event

If Los Altos wants more vibrancy, have more events like the Sept. 29 downtown Groovin’ on the Green concert. I danced the night away with a multigenerational group of dancers.

This just proves that if you give us Los Altos residents a reason, we will come. I live downtown, so I was able to walk to the event. I did not see a problem with people finding a parking space.

Congratulations to the organizers of this event.

K. Gabrielle Tiemann Los Altos

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