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Letters to the Editor

First & Main is not city’s only gateway

When the next edition of “The Brothers Grimm” comes out, I look forward to the addition of a new fairy tale. This one would be about First and Main streets being the “gateway” to Los Altos.

It may be such if one sits at the Chamber of Commerce office and stares across Foothill Expressway every day, or for those residents of University and Orange avenues who might come to town that way, but for the majority of people?

I’m no traffic engineer, but I don’t buy it.

By my reckoning, there are nine significant entrances to downtown. Six of them involve Foothill. The other options are entering from San Antonio Road, Los Altos Avenue or Cuesta Drive.

For simplicity’s sake, let’s ascribe even usage to each of them, which means that a mere 11 percent of those entering town approach First and Main as a gateway. And most of those aren’t the nonresidents we need to keep our delightful town vital and prosperous.

For a downtown that has long been as moribund as ours, do we really need all this Sturm und Drang over nitpicky details that have kept a prime chunk of real estate from being developed for the common good for what now seems like countless years? It seems to me that too many workable propositions have been tossed out the window.

E. Garry Hill

Los Altos

Revitalization efforts welcome

I have lived in Los Altos since 1990, and it has never been more vibrant and accessible and welcoming.

From the charming painted storefronts on State and First streets to the engaging pop-up shops, the Bumble cafe and playroom, the state-of-the-art health and fitness studios, the expanded Linden Tree and the arrival this weekend of Area 151 video arcade, Los Altos is a great place to be!

Saturday’s 60th anniversary party on State Street was the icing on the cake. The transformation of our town is nothing short of phenomenal.

I thank everyone from Passerelle Investment Co. for their important leadership on the revitalization efforts. They have invested resources and strategic mindshare for the benefit of all of us fortunate enough to call Los Altos home.

I have watched the remarkable transformation of Los Altos with awe and pride. We need to embrace these changes and ask how we can all contribute to a healthy, accessible and vibrant community.

Anything less than welcoming the exciting new developments in our town is myopic and ungracious.

Angela McConnell

Los Altos

Church builds bridge in charter school debate

I attended the community discussion held Sept. 20 regarding the Bullis Charter School and Los Altos School District conflict. I want to thank Los Altos United Methodist Church for hosting this event.

I suggest we continue with the positive discussions started by Los Altos United Methodist Church. I also suggest that we, as a community, refrain from anonymous, hate-filled postings.

Los Altos School District and Bullis Charter School: Embrace what has been started by Los Altos United Methodist Church and encourage an open and positive dialogue to resolve this conflict. Do not encourage or tolerate a small group of individuals who voice their destructive discourse. We need more understanding and tolerance.

John Swan

Los Altos Hills

Turn up volume at charter board meetings

After attending the Sept. 24 board meeting at Bullis Charter School, many audience members complained that the discussion proceedings were inaudible. They would like to request that the members use microphones when discussing agenda items during their public sessions.

The audience of about 30 people who came to hear the board speak at the open meeting Monday night all left the room with many questions – and it wasn’t about the content that was discussed. It was about the fact that people could not hear the content even in the intimate setting.

Items on the agenda, including the school’s expansion plan, is something the audience wanted to actively listen to.

During the comment portion of the meeting, Santa Rita parent Michelle Sturiale asked about whether the sessions might be recorded and made publicly available or that microphones be used. The board did not address that issue, nor did members try to speak louder and more articulately to help the audience follow the dialogue.

Because the sessions are open to the public, board members are asked to consider offering devices to make those meetings audible and clear, so that the content discussed can be understood by everyone in the room.

Laura Orella

Los Altos Hills

Los Altos needs a community pool

I think that our town should have a community pool because if we had a pool in the middle of the town, people could easily drive or walk to it and it would be easy for people to work out.

If we had a pool, it would let me be able to swim and exercise, because we don’t currently have a pool at our house.

I see that the current plans for the Los Altos Community Center include a pool. I am highly in favor of this movement for our community. Having a pool in Los Altos would be fun but could also create jobs for teenagers who have a chance to be a lifeguard or other staff.

Miles Blake, 10

Los Altos

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