Editorial: June's here and we're all thumbs


Graduations are over and we are all thumbs as we tackle the week in review.

Thumbs-up: To the graduating classes of 2017, we offer congratulations. You have crossed that metaphorical portal into adulthood – guess that means no longer asking the folks for money. Yeah, right.

Editorial: More public engagement for Hillview

There’s a citywide public “visioning” process underway for determining the future of downtown Los Altos. There’s one also underway for crafting a public art master plan.

How about one for Hillview Community Center? No, and let’s not go there again. That seems to be the sentiment among some observers as the city moves to rebuild Hillview.

Editorial: Is this a renaissance?

Are we experiencing a renaissance in Los Altos? The spate of ambitious community improvement ideas and resident activism points to it.

Residents gathered recently to discuss the feasibility of a new downtown library, and city officials launched the Downtown Vision project, a blueprint that will determine the look and function of the city’s central business district for decades to come.

Out with the brown, in with the new

A few of you in the left-turn lane at the San Antonio Road-Main Street intersection must have seen the newly installed wayfinding signs pointing to the civic center and downtown Los Altos.

As designs go, its faux-rustic look is a bit pretentious, in spirit, not unlike those tattered designer jeans that cost a small fortune. But the wording – white on a chalkboard green background – is certainly readable and a clear improvement over the old mud-brown signs with the etched street names. Under current city plans, many of these signs will eventually be replaced.

Editorial: LACI plans a downtown opportunity

Members of the Los Altos City Council appear willing to work with developer Los Altos Community Investments (LACI) in its quest to build a three-story office building and convert a portion of a First Street parking plaza into a park with underground parking.

We wholeheartedly endorse both projects.

Hospital board poised for the future

Let’s state the obvious: Running an $800 million hospital isn’t easy – especially an independent hospital like El Camino that has to compete with the likes of Stanford, Kaiser and Sutter for its business. That it has to compete in an increasingly difficult and complex health-care system makes the task all the more daunting.

It was in this context that the El Camino Healthcare District board last week expanded the hospital board to include two new appointed board positions. This is in addition to the three appointed seats added in 2012. This creates an 11-member hospital board, which includes the five elected district members. Concurrent with the action, the board kept the CEO as a hospital board member, but made it a nonvoting position.

A short checklist for 2017: Editorial

A new year brings a new start, and a new to-do list. We have some specific goals in mind for our local leaders:

• Los Altos Civic Center. Let’s get this problem solved once and for all. Whether or not it’s a scaled-down alternative in the wake of big plans residents emphatically voted down in 2015, most agree that the aging, sorry facilities currently at Hillview must go. The city council should tackle this issue head-on in 2017.

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