Editorial: What's the plan for Halsey House?

Note: This editorial has been updated to correct factual errors.

A healthy community fosters a forward-thinking approach while recognizing and appreciating its history. Los Altos is such a community.

The Downtown Vision project that is set to wrap up this year stands to establish an exciting blueprint for a vibrant city center in the decades ahead. On the history side, Los Altos boasts a state-of-the-art museum that is the envy of surrounding communities.

Editorial: Little chance of cannabis tax benefit

The new state law legalizing marijuana has prompted cities like Los Altos to enact ordinances temporarily preventing commercial uses while leaders consider permanent regulations.

The Los Altos City Council’s recently approved urgency ordinance bans retail sales, but only until late November. Meanwhile, city staff have been asked to observe the impact of the law on other communities and report back. Of the options available, Los Altos could allow limited sales – one council member suggested along El Camino Real.

Editorial: Questions over school site purchase

Los Altos School District officials were elated – and with good reason – after their announcement last month of a potential partnership with the city of Mountain View to purchase land in the high-density and densely populated San Antonio neighborhood for a 10th school site.

Their excitement was prompted in part by the prospect of collecting tens of millions of dollars by selling development rights on the purchased property, in addition to a financial contribution by the city for parkland at the site. The potential influx of funds could mean more of the $150 million in voter-approved Measure N money spent for upgrades at other schools.

Editorial: City-school partnership welcome

The Los Altos School District and the city of Mountain View are to be commended for cementing a partnership last week that will likely lead to establishing a 10th school site in the city’s San Antonio neighborhood.

Many hurdles lie ahead, including a potential legal fight from the preferred site’s current owners, but we appreciate two of our major local agencies coming together to address the projected growth and resulting needs of the area.

Editorial: Reasons to be optimistic

Call us optimistic (or Pollyanna), but we expect 2018 to go well for the Los Altos City Council. There are two major items ahead that are expected to come to fruition: A plan for rebuilding the Hillview Community Center and final approval of a downtown visioning document that will guide future development for years to come. This year has laid the groundwork for both approvals to happen.

These could be considered monumental achievements as far as Los Altos goes. People have been talking about a Hillview rebuild for 20 or more years, and the debate over downtown growth has been going on possibly even longer.

Editorial: Tough decision on community center

The majority of Los Altos City Councilmembers made the controversial (opponents might say foolhardy) decision last week to set the budget at $34.7 million for rebuilding Hillview Community Center.

They did so despite urgent calls not to from the city’s Financial Commission and the administrative services director in charge of the city’s finances. A consultant’s findings backed up the city’s experts.

Editorial: Adult ed and 'fake news'

What is “fake news”? We’ve discussed the topic ad nauseam at the national level, but the question hit home at last week’s Los Altos City Council meeting.

It seems word got out that there would be no room in the rebuilt Hillview Community Center for adult-education classes. This triggered a sizable number of residents who attended the meeting – many of them adult-ed students – to lament the prospect and plead with the city to keep their classes intact.

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