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Other Voices: Time for a plan

Two years ago, taxpayers in the cities of Los Altos, Los Altos Hills and Mountain View approved a $150 million bond to help solve the immediate and real capacity issues the Los Altos School District faces.

In the two years since taxpayers agreed to fund this endeavor for the district, district officials have suspended the Facilities Master Plan Committee, spent or leveraged more than 5 percent of the total and produced only one option: a proposal to purchase the 3.79-acre office complex at 5150 El Camino Real. That option was called “dead on arrival” by Trustee Pablo Luther and prompted a letter from Bullis Charter School leadership that clearly communicated their displeasure with the notion that it could somehow be made reasonably equivalent.

Other Voices: In defense of 'The Village'


While I have great respect and fondness for Town Crier Editor-in-Chief Bruce Barton, I was surprised by his Nov. 23 Editor’s Notebook (“To improve downtown parking, a little restriping could mean a lot”). While 100 percent of the Nov. 23 Letters to the Editor section opposed the downtown park, Barton’s column supported the proposal with specious arguments. And apparent disregard for what the residents want.

In search of trees: Other Voices

There weren’t any trees. That’s how it looked to me when I arrived at Stanford University. I had come with a fellowship for a doctorate in modern British history. Home was in Missouri, college in New York, both were in river valleys. I was used to an environment of deciduous trees: maples, elms, oaks, apples. I was used to a red and gold October.

Where were the trees? Palm Drive into Stanford, of course, but palms are really giant grasses, not trees. The eucalypti were fragrant and mysterious in the fog. They were as much alien to the Bay Area as I. My parents and I had driven cross-country from St. Louis in the orange Camaro convertible my father had given me for graduation (over my mother’s objections). We stayed a few nights in Yosemite. There I saw trees.

My trip to the moon: Other Voices

Courtesy of Connie LeBaron
Connie LeBaron poses for a picture at Kennedy Space Center in this photo from the 1970s.


I took a trip to the moon. Well, in spirit, anyway.

To improve downtown parking, a little restriping could mean a lot: Editor's Notebook

Change for change’s sake is rarely good, but good change is called progress. The problem is, when it comes to planning the future of downtown Los Altos, what’s good and progressive has been the subject of great debate.

We’ve clung to the dated moniker “The Village” as if it still means what it did in the 1960s. It doesn’t. Thousands of daily car trips along San Antonio Road, Edith Avenue and Foothill Expressway create a kind of white-noise moat around an old fortress that not enough shoppers seem to penetrate.

Water district protecting us from imaginary floods: Other Voices


The Santa Clara Valley Water District is set to award a contract to dig a flood basin in Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve. District officials claim that it is needed to protect local residents from a 100-year flood.

Ugly politics, from on high to down low: Editor's Notebook

What to make of this election? Forget Trump-Clinton – look no further than our own local races for some uncharacteristic finger-pointing and accusatory tones.

The Town Crier elected, pardon the expression, to stay on the sidelines and not report on the back-and-forth that reared its ugly head most notably in the races for Los Altos City Council and the Los Altos School District Board of Trustees. Filling our space with unfounded accusations would not be responsible journalism, in my opinion.

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