Other Voices: Nothing misleading about city's revised ADU regulations

The Los Altos City Council recently adopted updates to accessory dwelling unit (ADU) and accessory structure regulations. Contrary to claims recently published in the Town Crier’s “Other Voices” column and letters to the editor, the city has held numerous public meetings to discuss the proposed changes and gather public comments over a 13-month period.

The housing crisis is not a new issue, but it is a complex one. The city council has committed to exploring ways to increase affordable housing. ADUs provide an opportunity to expand affordable housing in California cities, and the state has taken away some of the city’s ability to regulate ADUs.

Other Voices: Assembly Bill 705 at Foothill-De Anza

Under the leadership of California Community Colleges Chancellor Eloy Ortiz Oakley, “Vision for Success” is a bold initiative by the California Community Colleges to better meet California’s needs for increased higher education attainment and workforce development.

Among the six ambitious goals in the initiative to be achieved by 2022:

Other Voices: The double-talk ordinances

In July, the Los Altos City Council passed two ordinances that will affect the look of our town more than anything we have ever seen or imagined. Over time, they will transform the city. They permit two houses to be built on each lot, one of them a rental as close as 5 feet to the rear fence.

Candidates for city council should state whether they support the ordinances or, if elected, will rescind them. Here’s what has happened.

Varying views on Measure C: Initiative protects city's parks, public lands

Measure C is simple. Measure C lets residents decide whether to give up our land to developers and special interests or to keep it for our public use.

Measure C protects parks, land that many consider to be parks but legally aren’t (Hillview ball fields, Whistle Stop playground, apricot orchard), as well as the civic center and downtown parking lots.

Other Voices: The roles of city council, commissions and staff

What are the proper roles and responsibilities of city council members, council-appointed commissioners, task forces and working group members and city staff?

After the confusion of the Aug. 28 Los Altos City Council meeting, this seems like a question worth asking. For example, we observed council members stating that they would overrule Planning Commission parking recommendations – which came from the parking committee that had devoted months to the subject. Council members also believed that their opinions about traffic issues should supersede analyses by appropriate commissions and city staff. The final confusion was that council members were uncertain of the goals of the Downtown Vision study – which has been underway for nearly two years!

Varying views on Measure C: Beware of misleading measure, proponents

Measure C’s campaign seems based on misleading people.

Many people felt misled when they signed the petition to qualify Measure C for the ballot believing it would simply protect our parks. More than 30 of them asked the city to withdraw their signatures. One petition signer wrote, “(Measure C has) implications far beyond what I was told.”

Other Voices: Has LASD developed optimal plan for 10th site?

It is no surprise that the output of the 10th Site Advisory Task Force resulted in the most votes to move Bullis Charter School to the new 10th campus. Why? This was the only option that remained standing after all other options were artificially removed by district staff or the Los Altos School District Board of Trustees directly, or by the artificial constraints placed on the task force.

District staff shared multiple times that they were resistant to operating a neighborhood school or a magnet school at the site. Two-thirds of the task force members were handpicked loyalists chosen by the district, or employed by the district. There was no representation by taxpayers/community members who did not have kids in the district recently. Even the “final” report was written by district staff and paid consultants. The report was never voted on, discussed or reviewed collectively by the task force.

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