Other Voices: Why I changed my mind on the Persky recall

When I first heard about the Brock Turner sentencing, like a lot of women I know, I was outraged and reacted emotionally. I had read about the case and was horrified by the crime and felt empathy for the victim. I quickly jumped on the bandwagon behind the Recall Judge Aaron Persky movement, by signing the petition and lending my endorsement. Since that time, I have spent more time thinking deeply about the situation and regret my haste in making a judgment about Persky.

A few months ago, when I started questioning my decision, I decided to research the issue more thoroughly. I read that Retired Judge LaDoris Cordell was against the recall. That gave me pause, because I know her reputation to be a fair judge and a champion of equal justice and opportunity. I spoke with many attorneys I know, including a few in my own family and some who work as prosecutors of sexual assault. I read about Persky’s career; that he spent six years prosecuting violent sexual offenders and served on the executive committee of the Support Network for Battered Women and on the Santa Clara County Network for a Hate-Free Community.

Editor's Notebook: Survey says – Town Crier No. 1 source for local info:

After a few years at daily newspapers, I had the opportunity to join the Town Crier, a weekly, in 1993. In addition to working with a classy group of people, I was interested in returning to a weekly, where the editorial staff performs a variety of tasks as opposed to the more limited roles on dailies.

Other Voices: Communities can choose to end homelessness

The League of Women Voters’ Feb. 8 forum addressing the increasing numbers of RVs parked along Mountain View streets left a few things out. The biggest thing left out was homeless input. This is typical of local attitudes toward homeless issues and homeless people.

We are almost always left out. That’s one big reason why homeless services are not very effective.

Other Voices: The only antidote to more Parklands

We can be horrified at the Parkland massacre. We can be outraged. We can be sickened. But we can no longer honestly be surprised. Can we?

The shootings in Florida are of the same ilk as the ones in Aurora and at Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, Columbine and all the rest: a young man full of anger, heavily armed, with nothing but despair in his heart.

Editor's Notebook: The building pressure to provide affordable housing

Don’t look now, but Los Altos is feeling the heat from the state as the desperate call for more affordable housing – and more housing, period – grows louder and louder.

The city has long been established as an affluent, primarily single-family home mecca with generous 10,000-square-foot lots. It also has long since been built out.

Editor's Notebook: Dealing with the mass shooting epidemic

It was early December and we were in get-ready-for-the-holiday-season mode. We were looking at early deadlines, some much-needed vacation time and visits with family.

Other Voices: The right step forward for local schools

As we ring in the new year, the Los Altos School District and the city of Mountain View are on the cusp of achieving a huge victory for local students and the fast-growing north of El Camino Real neighborhood. If successful, this bold collaboration will achieve a new school and park to serve current and future generations in our communities.

As parents and local leaders who have been involved in the community-driven process that led to this plan, we’re fully supportive because of its positive educational implications and lasting community benefits. Every child who resides in the Los Altos School District receives a world-class education. We are thrilled at the prospect of bringing an excellent school to this fast-growing neighborhood.

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