Other Voices: Unceremoniously dumped by corporate America

I was 22 when I broke my first world record. It started with an abrupt tap on my shoulder at 10:30 a.m. on a Monday in the heart of corporate America – if corporate America even has a heart.

Life in the Hills: Summer tradition

The first summer we moved out west from Chicago, long before we were parents, we were introduced to a Bay Area gem of a day. Our in-the-know friends invited us to accompany them to the Mountain Play up in Marin. Everything about it appealed to us.

The Villaj Idiut: Rocket man

I’m not really the type of person to get all freaked out about medical procedures. To me, they are what they are and you just keep moving.

But for years, I had been terrified by the prospect of my first prostate exam. It was as if every trip to the doctor throughout my 40s was a stressful countdown to that inexorable moment when my physician would strap on a glove and give me the look.

Other Voices: Pets In Need agreement means saving abused, neglected and at-risk animals

Three years ago, the city of Palo Alto released an audit of Palo Alto Animal Services that confirmed the shelter is woefully outdated and fails to meet the modern-day standards for animal care.

To their credit, city leaders recognized that the shelter – which also serves Los Altos and Los Altos Hills – could no longer continue to operate as is without a significant increase in general fund subsidy, donations and/or revenue-generating contracts.

Other Voices: Prevent stormwater pollution, preserve our rural aesthetic

Do you live in a neighborhood with no curbs and gutters? Do you enjoy walking in these neighborhoods? Look down these scenic streets and imagine an additional 3 feet of asphalt running along both sides and around every corner.

The Los Altos City Council will soon be asked by city staff to approve a revised Shoulder Improvement Policy (SIP) that addresses the public right-of-way, the area between the city street and private property. The policy continues a requirement for new homes and large remodels to install a 3-foot-wide asphalt drainage swale along the street edge, property line to property line, including around every corner lot.

Other Voices: Blame it on Velcro

On Sept. 28, 1919, the New York Giants beat the Philadelphia Phillies 6-1 in a game that lasted 51 minutes – a record for a nine-inning game that has stood the test of time for 99 years.

Baseball’s longest single inning tick-tocked at 1 hour, 8 minutes on May 8, 2004, between the Tigers and Rangers, 17 minutes longer than baseball’s shortest nine-inning game.

Other Voices: Deteriorating community

We now witness and endure things that weren’t problems 40 years ago: People living in RVs parked on the streets of Mountain View and Palo Alto. Freeways slowing at 3 p.m. People renting rooms in houses because they can’t afford an apartment. Homeless people living along creeks. People taking four hours to get from Mountain View to Davis when it used to take less than two.

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