My trip to the moon: Other Voices

Courtesy of Connie LeBaron
Connie LeBaron poses for a picture at Kennedy Space Center in this photo from the 1970s.


I took a trip to the moon. Well, in spirit, anyway.

To improve downtown parking, a little restriping could mean a lot: Editor's Notebook

Change for change’s sake is rarely good, but good change is called progress. The problem is, when it comes to planning the future of downtown Los Altos, what’s good and progressive has been the subject of great debate.

We’ve clung to the dated moniker “The Village” as if it still means what it did in the 1960s. It doesn’t. Thousands of daily car trips along San Antonio Road, Edith Avenue and Foothill Expressway create a kind of white-noise moat around an old fortress that not enough shoppers seem to penetrate.

Los Altos, the FAA and the pretense of modernization: Other Voices

Facts are facts. The Federal Aviation Administration must be required to address all three of the changes it made to the original Big Sur approach: The ground track, the altitudes and the concentration. And it must address the redirecting of significant traffic from elsewhere on the Peninsula to the skies over Los Altos. We are inundated from all sides.

Despite extensive PR spin, the current implementation of NextGen under which everyone is suffering actually has very little to do with the stated goals of modernization, fuel efficiency, safety and environmental responsibility. Rather, it has everything to do with increasing throughput of aircraft through the nation’s airports regardless of the consequences to the residents, including those many miles (20-60 miles or more) away from any airport.

Ugly politics, from on high to down low: Editor's Notebook

What to make of this election? Forget Trump-Clinton – look no further than our own local races for some uncharacteristic finger-pointing and accusatory tones.

The Town Crier elected, pardon the expression, to stay on the sidelines and not report on the back-and-forth that reared its ugly head most notably in the races for Los Altos City Council and the Los Altos School District Board of Trustees. Filling our space with unfounded accusations would not be responsible journalism, in my opinion.

Don't shoot the messenger: Megan's Musings

Don’t shoot the messenger. Literally. Don’t shoot the messenger – me.

I recently attended – and wrote an article for this very edition about – a public safety meeting Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office deputies held to share tips about crime prevention with Los Altos Hills residents concerned about recent burglaries.

Dispute resolution services help neighbors mend fences: Other Voices

It is generally estimated that 42 percent of Americans say that they have been involved in a dispute with their neighbors at one time or another. Using your local dispute resolution service is a no-cost, confidential and easy-access way to resolve these types of concerns.

The following is a typical scenario that our Los Altos Dispute Resolution Services (LADRS) program sees between neighbors in conflict.

Fix logjam at Pinewood School


A key Los Altos Hills issue is the daily traffic logjam at Pinewood School. At drop-off in the morning, as many as 15-20 cars back up between 7:45 and 8 a.m.

Pinewood parents are waiting to turn into Pinewood, but the parking lot is already full. After all, it is a private high school renting a public elementary school site.

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