Other Voices: Town not just horsing around with pathways ordinance

This is in regard to the article “Bitter pathways debate muddles LAH election of new vice mayor” (Oct. 18).

Boy, did this article touch a nerve. There is no dispute. The property owners knew the pathway was there when they bought the property. They deliberately built and landscaped over the original route. If they had left it alone, the pathway would have cost them nothing.

Other Voices: Outrage over Children's Corner lease

The Los Altos City Council recently announced its intention to sign a 20-year lease with the privately owned Children’s Corner, obligating the city to construct the preschool a 3,000-square-foot building and provide it with 3,500 square feet of dedicated open space, totaling 6,500 square feet. Worse, the council plans the building to be set just a pathway apart from the new Hillview Community Center.

The city has conducted its process with zero community engagement, also declining to answer residents’ requests to explain why they refuse to issue a request for proposal for a competitive bid. Additionally, it’s a violation of the council’s promise early this year to include “community outreach” as a council priority for every significant project.

Other Voices: What went wrong with the First Street Green

Several residents of Los Altos have expressed disappointment about Los Altos Community Investments’ withdrawal of the First Street Green project.

There is a feeling that the city, community and/or council were putting unreasonable obstacles to the project. This is a misunderstanding about what happened that we would like to clear up.

Editor's Notebook: A weekly reminder of mortality

This past week hasn’t been a good one for me. From an existential point of view, it’s been filled with sadness, wistfulness and a feeling of betrayal.

There’s nothing like a celebrity death to remind you that not only is your youth long gone, but life is fragile and the end is nearer than you thought.

Other Voices: Don't look a LACI gift horse in the mouth

The Los Altos City Council directed commissions including Parks and Recreation to provide input on the proposed First Street Green. I attended the Sept. 13 meeting, and the Town Crier captured it well.

One thing I didn’t understand then and I still don’t – a call for a cost-benefit analysis of the proposed First Street Green. At a high level, it breaks down to this: (1) development cost to the city of Los Altos – zero, and (2) benefit to public – millions.

Other Voices: The flag is a symbol, but some symbols matter


I read the Oct. 25 “No Shoes, Please” column by Grace Acosta reiterating views that have been propagated in news reports and op-ed pieces for many months: professional athletes sitting or kneeling for the national anthem and presentation of the colors. She claims it is a legitimate use of First Amendment rights and an appropriate forum and method to draw attention to current American social issues.

Flood protection key to emergency preparedness

With Hurricane Harvey and subsequent flooding in Houston, we have seen how fast an emergency can overtake our lives. Now, before the winter rains, is the perfect time for people to prepare their homes, schools and businesses, and the Santa Clara Valley Water District is doing that as well.

The theme of September’s National Preparedness Month was “Disasters Don’t Plan Ahead. You Can.” The campaign focused on being prepared. Floods are one emergency we could face any year here in Santa Clara County, and as the county’s flood protection agency, the water district takes preparation seriously. In District 7, which includes Los Altos, Los Altos Hills and Mountain View, two major flood protection projects are well underway.

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