Other Voices: Community foundations make a difference

Recently there have been accusations of harassment and misconduct at Silicon Valley Community Foundation. In light of this news, you may be asking what is a community foundation, and why is it important for a community such as ours?

Community foundations enable residents, private foundations and businesses to strengthen the community through local philanthropy and civic engagement. They are the “people’s foundation,” offering community members the ability to set up funds, start programs, give grants, collaborate and volunteer to address local needs and improve quality of life.

Other Voices: I found my voice in community college

In 2009, I graduated from high school with mediocre grades, mediocre SAT scores, a too-good-for-college stubbornness and a half-hatched plan to move to Los Angeles and become the next Paul Thomas Anderson or Steven Spielberg – both had dropped out of college.

Life in the Hills: Our love affair with Rancho San Antonio

Our children grew up thinking that Rancho San Antonio was their playground, all 3,988 acres of open-space preserve, combined with the adjoining 165-acre county park.

Other Voices: Why Judge Persky should not be recalled

I served on the Superior Court of our county for 26 years. My tenure overlapped with Judge Aaron Persky. I remember when the governor appointed him to the bench. We were excited to have this outstanding lawyer join us.

Other Voices: An alternative view on Silicon Valley Clean Energy

We were assured that competition is good and that Silicon Valley Clean Energy would be way better than the “dirty, bad old PG&E.” In essence, all SVCE is doing is forcing its choice of which “clean” energy it deems best, rather than what could save us money.

Other Voices: SVCE provides clean energy, customer savings

Editor’s note: Following is a rebuttal to last week’s “Other Voices” column, which questioned the benefits of Silicon Valley Clean Energy.

The mission of Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE) is to provide clean electricity and innovative decarbonization programs that will bend the carbon curve downward and contribute to the health and wealth of our region. The original 12 cities that banded together to form SVCE did so to achieve two goals simultaneously: to offer our constituents competition in a marketplace that previously had none, and to procure and supply cleaner, greener power for our communities. Simply put, SVCE is the evolutionary outgrowth of market forces and customer wishes.

Other Voices: Why I changed my mind on the Persky recall

When I first heard about the Brock Turner sentencing, like a lot of women I know, I was outraged and reacted emotionally. I had read about the case and was horrified by the crime and felt empathy for the victim. I quickly jumped on the bandwagon behind the Recall Judge Aaron Persky movement, by signing the petition and lending my endorsement. Since that time, I have spent more time thinking deeply about the situation and regret my haste in making a judgment about Persky.

A few months ago, when I started questioning my decision, I decided to research the issue more thoroughly. I read that Retired Judge LaDoris Cordell was against the recall. That gave me pause, because I know her reputation to be a fair judge and a champion of equal justice and opportunity. I spoke with many attorneys I know, including a few in my own family and some who work as prosecutors of sexual assault. I read about Persky’s career; that he spent six years prosecuting violent sexual offenders and served on the executive committee of the Support Network for Battered Women and on the Santa Clara County Network for a Hate-Free Community.

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