Editor's Notebook: It's the economy, stupid

You’ve probably already noticed – I sure have. A trip to Davis from Mountain View and Los Altos used to take under two hours. Our last few times up there, it took four. We are now LA North.

I remember a stat a few years back from a retired Santa Clara County planner: an estimated 300,000 additional people moving into the north of the county (from Palo Alto to San Jose) over the next 15 years. The reason? Job growth, of course. Obviously, Silicon Valley is a highly desirable place to live. But there’s a domino effect – clogged freeways, lack of available housing and lack of employees filling non-high-tech positions such as teacher, waitress and retail worker because of the lack of affordable housing.

Other Voices: Proceed with caution

As we travel the byways of our town’s peaceful streets, rutted routes and insane interstates, we are seeing more and more rear-end collisions.

Other Voices: 'Biased' Persky needs to be replaced

Last fall, more than 100,000 Santa Clara County voters signed a petition to put the recall of Judge Aaron Persky on Tuesday’s ballot. We believe he should be replaced with a new judge because of his pattern of bias favoring privileged defendants over survivors/victims of sexual assault, domestic violence and child pornography. We ask you to vote “yes” to recall Persky.

Persky shocked our community when he sentenced Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner to only six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. The victim, a Gunn High School graduate, was a classmate of many of our Los Altos Hills children.

Other Voices: LASD sponsors online forum to address overcrowding

The Los Altos School District invites the community to share its perspectives through a convenient and confidential online forum called ThoughtExchange, which is a critical next step in our bold collaboration with the city of Mountain View to provide a 10th school site. We want your perspectives because we believe that the district will best serve the needs of all of our students and community with the new school when everyone’s voices are heard.

Your participation will help us resolve school overcrowding for decades to come. Current student enrollment exceeds 5,000 students, including Bullis Charter School – a level last reached in the 1970s when we had 12 school sites rather than the nine we have now. We house 10 schools on nine sites, with Bullis Charter School sharing campuses with Blach Intermediate and Egan Junior High schools.

Other Voices: The Slobification of America – Uggs for pugs

There are daily signs of the coming apocalypse, but none so hilariously disturbing as the creation of Pugz. This confirms that our human condition is going to the dogs. We now have boots for bowsers that are stylishly similar to Uggs for bipeds. They are designed to keep your pooch’s paws toasty and odor free at the same time. With faux leather exteriors and comfy woolen linings, they are Fido fashionable and pet practical.

Other Voices: Good reasons to vote against the Judge Persky recall

I get it. Some people believe that Judge Aaron Persky has already lost in court – the court of public opinion. I applaud those who have studied the issue rather than merely reviewing one of many glossy fliers they received in the mail.

However, the arena of public opinion is not based on due process, many times giving little effort to thoughtful analysis. It is based on emotion and gut feelings. And who, after all, can disagree with the premise: They should throw the book at anyone who assaults a woman, and this judge merely threw a chapter.

Other Voices: Support for climate action runs across political spectrum

Every April, Earth Day and Earth Month have historically stimulated broad political and cultural alignments. The first Earth Day in 1970 brought U.S. Republicans and Democrats together in an effort to protect the environment, and by year’s end, lawmakers created the Environmental Protection Agency and passed the Clean Air, Clean Water and Endangered Species acts. Earth Day 1990 boosted recycling efforts worldwide, paving the way for the unprecedented 1992 United Nations Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, which spawned the United Nations Framework on Climate Change (UNFCC).

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