Other Voices: How props 15, 19 may affect tax and estate planning

This article is not intended to be tax advice. Readers should contact their personal tax adviser regarding their specific circumstances. The following is intended to be an overview of state propositions 15 and 19 for educational purposes.

Other Voices: There’s nothing wrong with special interests

Special interests. Secrecy. Who is really running things? Those buzz words abound in our election discussions. They are not very useful.

Other Voices: Reach codes – breaking down the data reveals some surprises

How sparing of greenhouse gas production is going all-electric for new home construction? Surprisingly, the answer varies depending on how the energy is used. The complexities of picking a less-polluting future are not beyond the understanding of Los Altos residents. There is laziness in not looking into the details – and worse, choosing a course that is more polluting than our current status.

Let’s look to the future – and correct information – when talking reach codes

In his recent column, Andy Staatz misses the main point of reach codes (“Reach codes: Breaking down the data reveals some surprises,” Aug. 26). Reach codes are about the future, not the present or the past. Homes built today will last 50 or more years, and it is important that they be designed to take into account the projected changes for that future.

Satire: Virtual Institute announces Zoom rehab facility with DOZE

The Virtual Institute, which focuses on humanistic alternative communication engagement, is partnering with leading mental health, communication and fashion leaders to open DOZE (Deprogramming Obsessive Zoom Enthusiasts). The rehabilitation facility is slated to open soon.

Other Voices: Los Altos Hills County Fire District – the case against consolidation

During a firestorm, it is unpleasant to disagree with one’s firefighters, but Adam Cosner’s and Brent White’s assertions in their recent news release about the Los Altos Hills County Fire District are too false and misleading to let stand unanswered.

Other Voices: The essence of racism

In R Lisa Bernard’s July 8 column, “Racism in our neighborhood,” she has shown us, probably inadvertently, why it has been so hard to expunge systemic racism from our society.

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