Other Voices: Asian Americans must raise their voices

“Ching chong nee how ma!”

Other Voices: When two marginalized victims collide

The unfortunate conflict between Kenan Moos, a young Black man, and Lynette Lee Eng, the Asian-American Los Altos City Council member, laid bare the need to broaden our discourse around race as being more than just between the “white” or the “system” against racial minorities. In an increasingly diverse, multi-racial, multi-ethnic state like California, where no race or ethnicity is a majority of the population, conflicts do and will arise between or among historically marginalized groups, and we need to find ways to address them civilly and fairly.

Other Voices: Greater issues of racism remain unaddressed

The din surrounding the mention of the names of Kenan Moos and Los Altos City Councilmember Lynette Lee Eng is fueled by many individuals who are not willing to confront their own (gendered) racism.

Other Voices: Carl Cahill’s record of accomplishment in LAH

The following is an open letter to Mayor Kavita Tankha and members of the Los Altos Hills City Council.

We, as previous mayors and council members, want to weigh in on City Manager Carl Cahill’s outstanding record of service to the town and emphasize the importance of his institutional memory in maintaining the unique character of Los Altos Hills.

Other Voices: Educational foundation helps keep students engaged

My two teenagers, though faced with all the disappointments, cancellations and restrictions of our COVID times, have individual passions that have sustained and motivated them – a saving grace this past year. My Los Altos High School sophomore son, combining his love of art, music and history, has built a beautiful, functional clavichord (historical keyed wooden instrument) and is now creating a harpsichord. While my St. Francis High freshman daughter has not played competitive basketball for 11 months, she continues to spend hours shooting hoops and practicing drills in our driveway. These passion projects give my kids something to look forward to every day – every day that they aren’t seeing friends and participating in traditional high school events and activities as we stick close to home.

Other Voices: Housing bills pose dangers

Two bills currently moving toward passage in the California State Legislature could change the character of neighborhoods across the state. If passed, Senate bills 9 and 10 will remove local control of zoning regulations and allow multifamily units everywhere. Residents should oppose both proposals. If passed, neither one will solve the housing shortage, certainly not the shortage of affordable or low-cost housing.

Other Voices: Instead of the old Halsey House, how about a new nature center?

As a neighbor who lives within a few hundred yards of Redwood Grove and the Halsey House, I have followed the issue of renovating the Halsey House and caring for the beautiful and unique Redwood Grove Nature Preserve for years.

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