From the Mayor’s Desk: Emergency preparedness in Los Altos

Between work, kids, running errands and trying to relax, I understand it’s hard to find time to practice your family’s emergency preparedness. Although if last year taught us anything, we must make time, because local and national emergencies can affect every part of our daily lives. I’m excited to share that the city is offering additional, convenient resources through this year's Community and Emergency Preparedness Grants (CEPG) program. We hope these resources will help you, your families and neighborhoods be better prepared for emergencies.

Here are some of the readiness options provided through the grant program:

• Do you know how to perform CPR? Could you use an automated external defibrillator (AED) if you needed to? A cardiac event could happen to someone in your household, a neighbor or even a passerby on the street. Learn the skills so that you’re ready to help; you might save a life. The CEPG program will fund CPR/AED training for an entire neighborhood.

• If there is an unfortunate event that leads to mass tragedies, would you be ready to help your family members or other victims? The CEPG program will train neighborhoods on Stop-the-Bleed techniques for saving the lives of severely bleeding victims as well as provide a basic supply kit.

• Approximately 25% of our neighborhoods are already organized as a Block Action Team or Neighborhood Watch group. Los Altos PREPARES has procedures for volunteers to respond in a disaster to assess and report damage and start helping one another. This year’s CEPG program offers sets of Family Radio Service radios for neighborhood leaders to use in their communications.

• If a major earthquake occurs, your household members and neighbors may be injured. The CEPG program offers a sophisticated medical kit designed to support treatment for earthquake-related injuries and training on the contents of the kit.

To qualify for the CEPG program, your neighborhood must be registered (or in the process of registering) as a Block Action Team or a Neighborhood Watch group. I suggest submitting your application as soon as you can – packages will be distributed on a rolling basis until the funds are exhausted or May 21, whichever comes first.

I encourage everyone to take steps to improve their preparedness. Let’s build a more prepared community together.

For applications and more information on CEPG, visit

Neysa Fligor is mayor of Los Altos.

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