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Just do it: The Rockey Road

When I want to do something, I put my mind to it, learn as much as I can about it and go for it. Sometimes, I find that what seemed a good idea turns out to be not as interesting as I had imagined or it just plain doesn’t suit me. Hey, at least I tried.

More often than not, I hear adults of all ages mention that they would love to learn how to (fill in the blank). Or they’ll say, “I have always dreamed of doing(fill in the blank),” or “I wish I could (fill in the blank).” Those statements are almost always followed by, “But, I’m too old.”

English is my first language, but I do not understand that statement.

What age is too old? I can’t find any rule that states that a person must be under a certain age to become proficient in (fill in the blank), aside from obvious physical restrictions.

I think that people start to feel old when they hit their 40s. That’s crazy. The average life expectancy for humans is approximately 70. But I know plenty of active people in their 80s and even 90s, so I go by those numbers. If you’re with me and feeling a little more optimistic about how long you might live, then you’ll see that when you’re 40, you still have another lifetime ahead of you. Even better, you’re all grown up and you know what you wish you had known then.

Even if you are in your 70s, you still might have 20 years or more ahead of you – that’s a long time. And if you have taken care of yourself, you can attain almost any reasonable goal you set, with plenty of time left to enjoy it to the fullest.

Regardless of how long we may live, no one knows for sure when they will take their last breath. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend our days doing things we want to do rather than wishing we had done them?

I don’t know about you, but I want to get my money’s worth. I want to cram as much happiness into my life as I can. And, aside from being with my family, learning new skills that I can use whenever I please makes me happy.

The world is literally at our fingertips. We can learn almost anything from the Internet, but we can also learn from classes, friends and even visits to our favorite shops and markets.

The resources we need are within reach, but the time needed to take advantage of them may hinder our grasp – and suddenly, the statement “I’m too old” is replaced by “I don’t have time.”

Well, I’m not buying that, either. Granted, there are people out there – and maybe you’re one of them – whose circumstances consume every hour of their day. But for most of us, even the busiest of the busy, there is time in the day. You just have to find it and prioritize. Carving out a little time here and there by making small changes in your routine is usually the first step.

You’re not too old, and you’re not too busy to start a new chapter in your life. You don’t know how many more years you’ll have ahead, so live like you have another lifetime and go for it. Learn a new language or how to make pottery or how to play an instrument. Then, when you’re in your 80s, you can look back at all the years you enjoyed embracing your new hobby.

Maybe some things I’ve tried haven’t worked out, but I am thrilled with the things that have. In my younger years or even just a few years ago, I could not have imagined possessing the skills I’ve accumulated along the way that bring me joy and happiness. And right now, I haven’t a clue as to what idea I’ll want to try next, but I know that when it strikes my fancy, I’ll go for it.

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