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The local public school boards of the Los Altos School District and Bullis Charter School have been engaged in formal discussions regarding short-term issues and planning for long-term solutions. Recently, the Los Altos School District Board raised the idea of a new school bond that would go before voters in 2014. In our discussions, the district has proposed a bond where more than half of its value would be dedicated to Bullis Charter School. Implicit in this proposal is the unfortunate position that charter school students would never be provided a fair share of public school resources unless and until such a bond measure is passed and new campuses are built.

As a founding member of Bullis Charter School and current board chairman, I want to communicate directly to the residents of this community and clarify where the charter school stands regarding the current bond proposal.

We are in favor of a school bond measure for all Los Altos public schools. School bond measures are an effective way to get funding to make important improvements to public school facilities and ensure that we have the infrastructure needed to support a top-notch learning environment for all.

However, we don’t want this bond to be about Bullis Charter School. In fact, Bullis Charter School has never stated that we want the taxpayers of the Los Altos School District to purchase and build a new campus for students at the charter school. Every year, more local residents have chosen Bullis Charter School as the best local public school for their children. These children deserve the same public support as their peers, and they deserve it now. Our only request is that public resources (facilities, bond proceeds, parcel taxes and the Basic Aid benefit) be shared fairly and equally among all public school residents, regardless of which public school they attend. Aside from the camp school sites, none of these has been shared with Bullis Charter School to date. If public resources are scarce, let’s share the burden by allocating what we have more equally and working together to increase the available resources for all public school students.

We remain committed to a path that brings peace to the community, and we believe that public school resources should fairly benefit every in-district public school student.

We look forward to working with community members and district officials on the next steps.

Ken Moore is chairman of the Bullis Charter School Board of Directors.

Moore is president of the board of directors at Bullis Charter School.

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