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In us we trust, I think: The Rockey Road

Wow, we’re one of the highest-ranked school districts in the country. Our kids are smart and they have ample opportunities to become successful college graduates. And they’re polite.

But we can’t seem to keep them safe on their bikes or free from stress.

School has been in session for only a few weeks. and over the span of three days, there were three bike/vehicular accidents of which I am aware – maybe there have been more.

And just weeks before school started, emails were flying around making accusations and getting parents all fired up about the legal battle between LASD and BCS. If you don’t know what those acronyms represent, then good for you – you don’t need the stress that comes along with knowing.

I realize that the battle between the two organizations is not cut and dried. I realize that it’s a legal mess that will continue for a very long time. But while that battle is in force, our kids are still going to school and still growing by the minute. We try to shield them from the mess, but can we? How many hours have parents spent online, on the phone, at meetings and at the grocery store talking and arguing about this case?

I have tried not to get involved or speak my mind, and maybe you’ll consider that irresponsible of me, but I don’t care. My children come first, and wherever they go to school, I will be there to offer my support to them and to their teachers. Am I thankful for the groups fighting for my side? Of course I am, but I don’t feel that I could personally have an impact.

And speaking of impact, I would like everyone to take extra caution while driving. How many kids deserve to be hit by cars because the drivers aren’t watching for them? Zero.

A car hit my very good friend’s son while he rode in the bike lane to school a few days ago. Fortunately, he is fine, but he shouldn’t have had to go through that. Sure, he was able to get up and go to school with scrapes and bruises, but I’m sure he’ll be rattled for a while. The very same morning, a car hit a girl who was biking to school.

A few hours ago I saw another student hit while riding his bike to school. He was hurt and could not get up and go to school, but he was sitting up and looked as if he were going to be OK.

I have children and they ride their bikes to school. Please watch out for them and don’t hit them with your cars.

I could be any parent right now. No one wants his or her child to be hit by a car or endure stress from a legal battle. However, it’s happening, and no matter how careful we are, it will continue to happen, but we can minimize the chances.

Some people react to emails and some people rush in the mornings. Try not to react and rush. Be patient. Let an email sit for a while. Leave a few minutes early or be a few minutes late – it’s not the end of the world. Losing a child is the end of the world.

When you get into your car, please put your phone down. Whoever you are and whatever kind of job you have doesn’t matter because you are not more important than that child you are about to hit. And take the time to look for cyclists before you turn.

We can give our children all the opportunities in the world to get through some of the best colleges, but they have to survive to get there.

Now, go hug your kids or grandkids and tell them to have fun being a kid and to watch for cars, even in crosswalks. Please, and thank you.

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