A Piece of My Mind: What does 'vibrancy' mean?

“I’m in favor of a vibrant downtown.”

No Shoes, Please: Four agreements

The 1997 best-seller “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz outlined a deceptively simple path to a life well-lived:

• Be impeccable with your word.

A Piece of My Mind: Smog, The sequel

When I was growing up in Los Altos, smog was the norm. Many a morning as I walked to school, the air was so full of dirt that the foothills were invisible – I might as well have been living on a prairie.

Haugh About That?: A work of heart

At the sound of a text at 4 a.m., I jumped out of bed ready to run out the door. I’d only gotten five hours of sleep, but this was one event I refused to be late for.

No Shoes, Please: Doggie daycare

I am ashamed that every week, twice a week, for roughly five hours, I put Eloise in doggie day care. It’s like I’m back to parenting a toddler enrolled in preschool, and I’m using those precious hours while the child is out of my hair to run errands or clean the house. However, in my case, the toddler is actually a 1-year-old dog who gets regularly walked twice a day and shouldn’t need much more than a fresh bowl of water and a place to nap in order for me to go about an average day without spending any extra money on servicing her needs.

But Eloise is different, and this is another source of deepening shame – that I consider her precious and exceptional. However, there is something about her. When I announce, “I’m taking the dog to day care,” I can just feel the relief and gratitude embedded in cheery goodbyes, like, “Have a good time, Eloise!” When I drop her off, I mouth those same words, only sometimes I feel like what I’m actually saying is something more along the lines of, “Good riddance!”

Column: Catholic jilt

I’m Catholic. And I don’t know what to do.

Well, I do know what to do, I just can’t believe that I have to abandon what has been the cornerstone of my faith for the past half-century.

The Villaj Idiut: Switching

I always find it interesting to compare the marital habits of particular couples to, well, mine and my wife’s – if for no other reason than to see how weird everyone is.

One of the habits I’ve become fascinated with is which side of the bed people sleep on – assuming they are actually sleeping in the same bed and not pulling a Ricky and Lucy.

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