Editorial: Policing forum a good start

We commend the Los Altos City Council for organizing last week’s town hall on policing. The forum offered an opportunity for dozens of speakers to sound off on the troubling issue of racial profiling – a problem arguably reinforced by the recent release of police data indicating that a disproportionate number of Blacks, Hispanics and nonresidents were arrested or cited by police officers.

A Piece of My Mind: Navigating the minefield of words describing races

When I was a child, my parents moved us from Palo Alto to a small city of about the same size in the segregated South. (It was a bad move, but that’s another story.) My parents were from a part of the country where you were more likely to see an antelope walking down the street than a person of African descent. I had to learn some new words, and meanings of words.

Letters to the editor: Reach codes, nuclear power

Stanford prof should advocate with facts

As a Stanford grad (mechanical engineering and business), I’m embarrassed by the inaccuracies stated by Stanford economics professor Frank Wolak, Ph.D., in an open forum discussing the pros and cons of adopting more aggressive reach codes at a recent event hosted by Los Altos Residents on the topic.

Letters to the editor: Mask mandate, Innocence Project

Los Altos needs mask mandate

Following is an open letter to the Los Altos City Council.

I believe that the wearing of masks is essential to the health of Los Altos residents.

Other Voices: Los Altos City Council routinely flouts the law

The city government of Los Altos, and in particular its Planning Commission and City Council, is inexcusably hostile toward its citizens and toward development. In an email blast July 8, the city announced: “Los Altos City Council (to) Appeal Court Ruling on 40 Main Street Case.”

Other Voices: The essence of racism

In R Lisa Bernard’s July 8 column, “Racism in our neighborhood,” she has shown us, probably inadvertently, why it has been so hard to expunge systemic racism from our society.

Letters to the editor: Cancel culture, police appreciation

Cancel culture visits ‘our neighborhood’

R Lisa Bernard’s well-intended July 8 column concerning the misguided efforts of her neighbor to increase the visibility of nonwhite Los Altos residents unfortunately concludes with name-calling and exclusion of the person with whom she disagrees.

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