How to make yourself safer online

We have allowed for-profit technology corporations access to all our personal data in exchange for some “free services” – data these firms sell to advertisers for massive profits. With our lives online whether we like it or not, taking steps to ensure security grows more important.

The usual response is: “But I have nothing to hide.” Sure. So why don’t we just leave our cars and homes unlocked, maybe even remove the doors and windows to our homes? I don’t think so.


Los Altos

680 Berry Avenue, T. & D. Musick to Littlewood Trust for $2,650,000

11 Farm Road, C. Santa to Rose Marc LLC for $1,418,000

Realtors discuss homeownership with legislators in Sacramento

The Silicon Valley Association of Realtors joined thousands of realtors in Sacramento May 1 for the California Association of Realtors’ annual Legislative Day.

This year’s theme, “Homeownership Matters,” was evident in the speeches of realtors and politicians, and in discussions realtors had with legislators.

California realtors sponsor targeted tax credit bill for working families

The California Association of Realtors is sponsoring statewide legislation intended to help first-time, low- and moderate-income homebuyers in disadvantaged communities.

Assembly Bill 1590, authored by Assemblywoman Blanca Rubio (D-Baldwin Park), would create a targeted tax credit to help working families achieve their goal of homeownership. The legislation is especially timely, given the tight housing market.

Transactions for the week of May 8

Los Altos

808 Amber Lane, L. Carter to Bohaty Ventures LLC for $3,900,000

830 Arroyo Road, Up Homes to Cannon Family Trust for $6,500,000

Artificial intelligence enhances MV startup

Courtesy of Jenny Huang
Computer science engineers Siva Nattamai, left, and Pavan Kumar aim to advance Telehealth technology through Cocoon Cam, their Mountain View-based startup. Cocoon Cam’s smart baby monitor uses artificial intelligence to track the vital signs and sleeping patterns of infants and toddlers.

Artificial intelligence has helped us navigate our computer searches for work, school and leisure time. It also serves as the basis for efforts in making cars, trucks and drones fully autonomous. What AI can do in aiding what humans cannot do in enhancing various aspects of our lives is fascinating.

I have been amazed with AI in the past few weeks, learning about its history, understanding its current capabilities and where it’s going. To further my perspective on how AI is applied in real life, I recently interviewed employees at two local startup companies that are leveraging AI to transform their respective markets. Their work has motivated me to present this column as one in a two-part series focusing on AI.

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