Transactions for the week of August 26

Los Altos

306 Alta Vista Avenue, Jane Trust to Maraqa-Song Trust for $6,800,000
186 Covington Road, Viso Trust to V. & W. Zhang for $6,820,000
146 Giffin Road, J. Paviidis to H. & S. Jueng for $2,350,000
1200 Heritage Court, Band Trust to W. & D. Cai for $3,000,000
693 Hollingsworth Drive, W. Zhang to H. & X. Liu for $2,438,000
181 Lyell Street, I. Elevation to L. & T. Anderson for $4,800,000
900 Odell Way, Fogarty Family Trust to M. Oikarinen for $2,500,000
621 Parma Way, J. Tolomeo to Lee Trust for $3,200,000
1554 Plateau Avenue, Tiop Inc. to R. & S. Pamulaparthi for $3,400,000
1209 Portland Avenue, 1209 Portland LLC to R. & S. Lakshman for $4,625,000
441 San Domingo Way, Osborne Trust to Chen Trust for $3,575,000
496 Sequoia Way, McClintock Family Trust to S. & S. Paranjpye for $4,800,000
1252 Thurston Avenue, Pearl Family Trust to Y. & X. Li for $3,688,000
1265 Thurston Avenue, Tessone Family Trust to M. Fong for $3,650,000

Nest Egg Briefs: Is the stock market overly concentrated today?

If you owned shares of Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Google stock at the beginning of this year, you would have been holding the four most valuable stocks in the entire U.S. stock market, based on market capitalization – the stock’s price times the number of shares outstanding. Facebook clocked in at No. 6.

ADUs rise in popularity during pandemic

Dodi” width=
Courtesy of Abodu
Abodu’s one-bedrom accessory dwelling unit is its flagship “Abodu 500." An Abodu co-founder said that amid the pandemic, more people are building ADUs.

Accessory dwelling units, commonly referred to as ADUs, have long been popular in Los Altos on its spacious properties. As a secondary structure to the main house, ADUs are ideal solutions for placing additional family members or renting out as affordable housing units – a scarcity in Los Altos.

Don’t pay scammers who are offering government aid

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues, many government agencies are providing money and other support to help with pandemic-related hardships. Scammers, always ready to take advantage of people in crisis, have been stepping in with a new con. The Better Business Bureau offers the following information on con “consultants” claiming to help you get free government aid.

Transactions for the week of August 19

Los Altos

23 Arbuelo Way, A. Singh to Lin Trust for $2,975,000
1691 Austin Avenue, Holland Trust to Loretz Construction Inc. for $2,350,000
736 Campbell Avenue, D. & W. Wagner to Bhatia Living Trust for $4,500,000
1848 Fallen Leaf Lane, Askarinam Trust to P. & S. Walia for $2,815,000
110 Pasa Robles Avenue, A. Leak to S. & J. Enos for $2,650,000

How trees can affect the value of your property

You might wonder what trees have to do with real estate. Other than water, trees probably have more influence on a property than any other natural feature. Trees will impact not only what you can build and where, but also temperature, maintenance, costs, views and animal life.

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