Transactions for the week of April 29

Los Altos

1413 Arbor Avenue, Angelini Trust to Cohn Family Trust for $4,725,000

1927 Colleen Drive, A. & J. Ewanich to J. & Y. Yuan for $3,170,000

1855 Esberg Road, Uph Cc LLC to Srinivasan Trust for $4,850,000

1178 Golden Way, Gunder Family Trust to Chien Trust for $3,720,000

875 Jordan Avenue, D. Nakamura to H. & A. Mogal for $2,500,000

635 Parma Way, Cohn Family Trust to R. & B. Belohlav for $3,600,000

1170 Payne Drive, 1170 Payne LLC to Payne LLC for $2,680,000

Los Altos Hills

26880 Ortega Drive, Delia Family Trust to N. & R. Rajwar for $4,000,000

11460 Summit Wood Road, T. Large to M. & A. Kuo for $2,715,000

Mountain View

605 Cinnamon Circle, Taylor Morrison of California to P. & J. Ha for $1,220,000

649 Cinnamon Circle, Taylor Morrison of California to W. Liu for $1,230,000

221 Cypress Point Drive, I. Mckay to T. & S. Peters for $1,250,000

505 Cypress Point Drive #290, Anderson Living Trust to X. Liu for $745,000

501 Levin Avenue, Martial Trust to S. & S. Narang for $2,750,000

508 Mansfield Drive, Walton Trust to A. & F. Rahul for $2,800,000

130 Ranch Lane, Lennar Homes to H. Zhao for $1,723,000


898 Hyde Avenue, C. Arnold to X. & Y. Piao for $1,394,500

10295 Wunderlich Drive, W. & K. Huang to S. & A. Lal for $2,588,000


Los Altos

Total sales: 7

Lowest sale: $2,500,000

Highest sale: $4,850,000

Average sale: $3,606,400

Los Altos Hills

Total sales: 2

Lowest sale: $2,715,000

Highest sale: $4,000,000

Average sale: $3,357,500

Mountain View

Total sales: 7

Lowest sale: $745,000

Highest sale: $2,800,000

Average sale: $1,674,000


Total sales: 2

Lowest sale: $1,394,500

Highest sale: $2,588,000

Average sale: $1,991,300

– Cal REsource

With incentives & flexible policies, insurers support clients amid pandemic

Light traffic
Megan V. Winslow/Town Crier
With the shelter-in-place orders in effect, a frequently congested section of Highway 101 near the San Antonio Road exit sees only light traffic at about 9 a.m. April 16. Auto insurers are disbursing dividends to customers who are driving less under the current coronavirus-related travel restrictions.

Local residents are beginning to feel the impact of auto insurers disbursing dividends to customers who are driving less under the current COVID-related travel restrictions.

Driverless delivery vehicles coming to local roads

Courtesy of Nuro
Mountain View-based Nuro this month became the second company in the state to receive a driverless testing permit.

Mountain View-based Nuro this month became the second company in the state to receive a driverless testing permit.

Le Boulanger lays off nearly all of Los Altos staff

Le Boulanger” width=
Megan V. Winslow/Town Crier File Photo
New ownership, a shift in management styles and coronavirus struggles are said to be contributing factors to layoffs for all but two Le Boulanger employees at the Los Altos restaurant.

A turnover in ownership at Le Boulanger in Los Altos has resulted in layoffs for all but two employees.

After four decades of managing the Le Boulanger brand, owner Dan Brunello was set to hand off the wholesale and retail operations to Posh Bakery’s Jeff Ottoveggio in January.

Brunello told the Town Crier at the time his family would maintain the catering operations of Le Boulanger as Ottoveggio managed the nine cafes across the Bay Area. Athens Baking Co., a Fresno-based enterprise, would handle production.

After Le Boulanger’s Sunnyvale headquarters closed last month, Brunello pledged to keep as many employees as possible. Approximately 100 people were to be laid off, according to a notice filed with the state’s Employment Development Division office.

Last month, as the shelter-in-place orders took effect, Brunello allegedly assured Denise Dirby, among other employees at their time of dismissal, that Ottoveggio had their contact information and would be calling about a potential rehire. Dirby, an 11-year employee, didn’t hear back.

“I got a lot of customers calling me, asking where I am and why I’m not there,” Dirby told the Town Crier. “They said we were laid off, but there was no explanation. It’s really kind of sad.”

A former 13-year employee, who preferred to remain anonymous, said she found it suspicious that the new owner was supposed to visit in early March, but never showed. Instead, she said, Ottoveggio’s son, Jeremy, took over as general manager and retrained a sandwich area employee and a manager leftover from the layoffs, and hired new staff.

“No one was fired, and we only hired the people we need right now,” the younger Ottoveggio told the Town Crier April 22.

Laid off-employees said they had to file applications as new hires. One former worker acknowledged layoffs were partially due to COVID-19 and Le Boulanger’s modified operations of curbside pickup and delivery, but the prevailing reasons seemed to be new ownership and a shift in management styles.

Warning signs

The Los Altos Le Boulanger location was the last to be switched, last month, to the new ownership, the former worker said, but she saw warning signs when layoffs occurred at the bakery’s Mathilda Avenue location in Sunnvyale.

“I knew right then something was going on,” she said. “We were naive to think they were going to take care of us.”

In a statement provided to the Town Crier Thursday, Jeff Ottoveggio said he was unaware when he took over that Brunello had closed the Los Altos location on his last day.

“Shelter-in-place orders were in effect, many retail stores were shuttered, but our priority was to keep the store open,” Ottoveggio said. “Only to-go business was allowed, business hours were shortened, so based on sales, we fortunately had enough business to offer employment to two of Dan Brunello's former employees. Even so, there’s been only enough business to provide each employee with only part-time employment.”

Ottoveggio said he could not rehire everyone Brunello laid off because of a decline in sales.

“We are looking forward to returning to safer times, to contributing to this community and to offer full-time jobs,” he said.

Ottoveggio also claims Brunello sold the Sunnyvale headquarters where the signature Le Boulanger bread was baked despite a condition of the purchase centering on Le Boulanger wholesale operations continuing to supply locations with bread.

As a result, bakery equipment is being installed in stores so that bread and pastries can be baked in-house.

Brunello declined to comment on the situation.

For the Town Crier’s previous coverage on the sale of Le Boulanger’s retail and wholesale divisions, click here.

Nest Egg Briefs: Introducing alternative terms to describe stock levels

The recent stock market declines have been nerve-wracking. As of this writing, we have learned that the S&P 500 is in “bear market” territory, the term used to refer to a loss of more than 20% from the index’s previous high. We have also learned that a “bear market” is worse than a “market correction,” which is considered to be a drop of only 10%. I have not been able to identify the provenance of these terms, but they seem to resonate well with the media because they are being used so ubiquitously.

Transactions for the week of April 22

Los Altos Hills

26860 Robleda Court, Kruep Family Trust to Parasnis Family Trust for $10,500,000


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