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MV chiropractor tees off on golfers' conditioning

Perfecting one's golf swing is key for avid golfers, but they risk developing injuries, particularly in the lower back, if improper technique and lack of overall fitness stress their muscles and joints. Mountain View chiropractor Chris Watson believes TopOfYourGame, his patented golf fitness evaluation program, will help golfers train in a manner to prevent injuries while achieving maximum performance.

"We're not taking the place of golf professionals," Watson said. "We help golfers do things on a consistent basis. We evaluate and prepare the muscles to allow a free and easy swing and to prevent injuries and fatigue, so the PGA teaching professional can improve their (clients') swing mechanics and techniques."

Watson worked with David Marcarian, a human factors engineer and the founder of Precision Biometrics, for three years, combining their individual expertise to develop the TopOfYourGame program.

Marcarian has spent much of his career developing surface electromyography machines that use external electrodes to measure the electrical activity of muscles. Watson drew upon his 24 years of experience as a chiropractor. He assembled stretching and exercise plans to help injured patients strengthen and retrain their muscles.

During a TopOfYourGame golf fitness evaluation at a special facility in his chiropractic office, Watson uses the electromyograph to measure the electrical activity of a client's muscles at rest, during range-of-motion exercises and during a golf swing. The testing reveals areas of muscular weakness and imbalance, Watson said. The patient then receives a report booklet containing the results of the evaluation as well as a customized stretching and exercise program. The report can also be accessed on the Web.

Watson said he believes his program can improve a golfer's swing, stamina and overall health. "The improvement that we are experiencing is wide-ranging, as I am working with golfers of all ages, abilities and physical conditions, and even with physical impairments," he said. "Each one is reporting marked improvement in their overall ability to swing the club with a higher degree of accuracy and length."

For more information, logon to: www.topofyourgame.net.

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