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Back in town - the Town Crier, that is!

Hi folks. It has been awhile. I have missed writing this column. I have not missed writing, however. I have just completed 75,000 words for my new book. That is over 360 typewritten pages.

I'm back on board with you now and will be suggesting new ways to work, think, love and live over the next months. I tend to be a bit of a preacher, so forgive me if you think I am too pedantic and too pushy. I always tell my clients that if they do only half the homework I assign them, we will all be happy.

Eighty-five percent of executives referred to our corporate psychology center have been men. The number has now been reduced to 75 percent. This means 25 percent of our practice is about women who are being promoted or derailed. When we did the research on why the women were referred, we discovered that 95 percent were considered intimidating and aggressive.

The referred men were sent to us for all kinds of symptoms - withholding, disorganization, poor delegation, management and judgment issues, stressing, arrogance, and the inability to interface with peers.

So, because the women were of one breed, we started a group, and I started a book. They were both about exceptional women - those who were bully broads!! This book will in bookstores in September. I am eager to give the title away today, but I am under strict confidence for a few more weeks. You can be sure it will have the phrase, Bully Broads.

People ask what it is like to write a book. Everyone has a book inside, and 90 percent of the people intend to write one someday. Only about 5 percent do. Will you? Here's what it takes:

A love of writing. Writing becomes your therapy or your hobby. Writing is fun. You are disciplined. You can focus. You have an idea. You don't need a get-away in which to do the writing. You don't need a year off to do it. You like what you say. You don't judge yourself. You don't stress over the research. You don't stress over being perfect. You like to talk about what you like to write about. You can talk in sound bites. You are excited about people reading what you have to talk about.

If you are hoping for the get-away place and the perfect time and the research assistants and the right moment of inspiration, your wonderful book may lay dormant in your wonderful head for the rest of your wonderful life.

Jean A. Hollands, CEO, Growth & Leadership Center, author, "Silicon Syndrome: How to Survive a High-Tech Relationship," "Optimistic Organizations" and "Red Ink Behavior: Measure the High Cost of Problem Employees," was voted Business Woman of the Year in 1986 and 1996. Write to GLC, 1451 Grant Road, Mountain View, 94040.

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